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Navigator is Siemens’ cloud-based advanced analytics platform designed to help you optimize the performance of your buildings.

Comprehensive. Insightful. Intuitive.

The Navigator platform adds a layer of intelligence for continuous monitoring, allowing you to achieve your energy, sustainability, and system performance targets. It seamlessly integrates complex sources of data from energy procurement, energy consumption, system performance, and sustainability — helping you make sense of it all.

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Navigator turns big data into tangible results.

Gain Transparency by Creating Powerful Custom Dashboards

  • Confidently make decisions by tracking and visualizing the data that’s most important to you
  • Save time and effort through a consolidated and consistent dashboard
  • Allow for multiple users and views
  • Drill down to individual sites and systems

Increase Energy Efficiency and Minimize Energy Spend

  • Quickly identify and prioritize energy conservation measures
  • Compare energy consumption and energy spend across multiple locations or systems
  • Track utility expenses, contracts and invoices
  • Stay up to date on market trends and pricing

Monitor and Report on Key Sustainability Metrics

  • Identify major sources of emission contributors
  • Compare Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions
  • Track progress overtime
  • Ensure compliance with environmental mandates

Gain Valuable Insight to Improve System Performance

  • Make quick and confident decisions that drive results
  • Track performance improvements over time
  • Identify outliers and drill down to their causes
  • Compare actual vs. predicted performance
  • Generate detailed reports as needed
  • Leverage the latest Fault Detection and Diagnostics technology

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