Smart Consumption Solutions

Smart grids

Providing decision-making information and helping a building optimize its energy performance by managing energy usage and leveraging onsite generation and storage capacity.

Helping buildings become more intelligent and flexible in their energy consumption

Worldwide, buildings account for approximately 40% of energy usage and 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. Smart Buildings that can use energy in a more efficient and flexible way enable the Smart Grid to lower demand, which in turn prevents grid disruptions and reduces the need for new power plant construction. Siemens Smart Consumption solutions can provide decision-making information and help a building optimize its energy performance by managing energy usage and leveraging onsite generation and storage capacity.

Demand Response - Smart Consumption Solutions

To help protect the electrical grid during times of peak energy demand, smart buildings can participate in load management programs like demand response (DR)


Many utilities now offer load management programs like demand response (DR), where the utility pays customers to reduce energy consumption during peak energy periods. However, participating in a traditional demand response program can require you or your staff to invest a significant amount of time in working with your utility and managing consumption during peak periods. In addition, you will need to develop and implement detailed plans to avoid business disruptions and occupant discomfort.


Siemens can help you take advantage of Demand Response programs with minimal impact on your business. By leveraging the power of our APOGEE® Building Automation System and Intelligent Load Management software, we help you create an automated demand response program that is tailored to fit within your predefined facility and business parameters.  ILM allows you to receive cash payments for participation in a demand response program, without impacting your business performance.


  • New source for incentives - receive cash payments for participation
  • Intelligent automation - utilizes pre-defined business rules with no day-to-day oversight required from your facilities team
  • Reduced energy expenses - especially during peak rate periods
  • Earn LEED Points - automated demand response earns additional points toward the LEED demand response credit
  • Improved Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - deepened stakeholder and community relations
  • Carbon negative power generation - reduces CO2 emissions

SureGrid Software Solution

The only provider to offer truly automated cloud-based Intelligent Load Management Technology, SureGrid is a leading energy solutions provider that can manage your building’s energy better and smarter. By monitoring and controlling major energy consuming devices, such as HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, signage and more, SureGrid technology enables each building to dynamically interact with the electrical grid based on local business rules and real-time asset and environmental conditions.


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SureGrid FAQs

Our solution allows you to seamlessly integrate your building automation system to use less energy during those times.

  • Modify your strategies based on real-time pricing
  • Save 25% during peak pricing day
  • Ideal for CPP & PDP in California
  • Determine your potential CPP savings with no cost audit

Our solution allows you to manage potential peak demand charges coming from intermittent cloud cover.

  • Modify your demand based on solar output
  • Fully integrated monitoring solution
  • Avoid peak demand charges
  • Integrate with your solar inverter

Our solution verifies building occupancy before calling for load shed and modifies HVAC strategies based on your real-time operating conditions.

  • Your building opts in/out every five minutes
  • Monitors occupancy to adjust strategies
  • Monitors local HVAC health to adjust strategies
  • Eliminate onsite supervision, distraction and cost

Our customized solution puts your business rules first and smart grid second. Custom programming is done in partnership with your BAS vendor.

  • Custom HVAC settings
  • Custom lighting
  • Your business rules first (occupancy, minimum light levels, maximum temperatures, etc.)


Take a holistic approach to your energy management strategy

Energy has an enormous impact on your ability to do business and to do it profitably. Our business is to help clients reduce their consumption of costly resources, optimize their supply of energy, and help their businesses become more sustainable.

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