Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Water is our most precious natural resource. Today, water conservation, scarcity and quality are pressing issues for every community - all while municipal budgets and lack of capital are key concerns. Siemens can provide comprehensive solutions for every aspect of your water infrastructure.

Comprehensive solutions

Water is a critical, but often undervalued aspect of sustainability. There is a surprising lack of awareness for water resources and conservation, even in areas of extreme water scarcity. In many areas, the water sector can be the largest energy user when taking into account energy needed for pumping, water treatment and conveyance. In buildings, implementing a range of water conservation measures – from installing high efficiency fixtures to harvesting rainwater or gray water for use in buildings – can help reduce potable water use by 30% or more.

Waste Water Infrastructure

Siemens can provide comprehensive solutions for every aspect of your wastewater infrastructure. Siemens takes a program approach to reducing energy consumption and costs throughout your city. This approach consists of conducting energy efficiency analyses across all city facilities, including buildings, landfills, water and wastewater treatment plants, and more. Additionally, you can capture unrealized revenue and address the less visible but equally challenging concerns related to aging infrastructure and manual processes.


Energy has an enormous impact on your ability to do business and to do it profitably. Our business is to help clients reduce their consumption of costly resources, optimize their supply of energy, and help their businesses become more sustainable.

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