Data-driven optimization through continuous analysis

Data-drive optimization through continuous analysis

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  • reduction in energy use through the application of data-driven insights.

Comprehensive energy management can accelerate the pace of investment in a clean energy future.

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A Users Guide to Comprehensive Energy Management

Get informed about available facility optimization software solutions. A recent report from independent research firm, Verdantix, provides an in-depth analysis of facility optimization software options for building owners and operators.

Smart, strategic insights

Maximize building performance with advanced analyses

Siemens puts data insights at the heart of its building performance services. It combines people, data and services to deliver superior outcomes and manage progress against improvement targets more efficiently.
Comprehensive Package

Making it happen

Siemens Digital Service Centers

Add critical skills to ensure your building performance stays on track: Once your efficiency strategy and programs are defined and implemented, let the engineers and technicians at our Digital Service Centers support your operational personnel with monitoring, maintaining and continually optimizing your building management systems and processes – for the long-term smooth, problem-free, and energy-efficient operation of your buildings and systems.

Program delivery models to suit every need

Two major barriers typically stand in the way of efficiency projects right from the start: financing and in-house skill sets. Siemens offers flexible delivery models, from energy performance contracting to managed services agreements with the potential for off-balance treatment.


The cloud-based energy and asset management platform from Siemens

Navigator gives you the clarity you need to transform your buildings into high-performing assets.

Enhancing building performance through the power of data

Navigator, the cloud-based energy and asset management platform, serves as the foundation for a comprehensive set of service offerings. The platform centralizes disparate data sets related to building performance (energy consumption, environmental conditions, etc.), asset health (equipment details, real-time performance, etc.) and maintenance practices (schedules, work orders, etc.). When combined, these data sets enable better decisions and ultimately lead to a significant and tangible outcome for your business. Siemens works with you to generate results through a series of energy and asset performance services that leverage insights from Navigator. The benefits for your building include improved environmental conditions, increased operational efficiency and reduced risks associated with downtime from equipment failures.

In a recent survey by independent research and consulting firm Verdantix, Siemens was ranked as the no. 1 preferred brand for software and services that optimize energy, maintenance and facility operations.

Take a more comprehensive approach thanks to Total Energy Management

Total Energy Management is a comprehensive approach to energy services and projects that ensures you consume only the energy necessary; purchase energy at a fair price; generate and store energy on-site; and continuously improve through data-driven analysis. 

Navigator plays an important role in properly delivering Total Energy Management. In particular, it provides reliable insights into key energy and sustainability metrics, aids in reporting and communicating those findings, helps to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement through its advanced analytics engine, and provides quantifiable assurance that your targets have been achieved. Ultimately, Navigator is transforming data into results that drive your core business forward.

Modernize your maintenance practices

In the newest Navigator release, maintenance data and asset data – such as the make and model of installed equipment – is coupled with building performance data that enables you to drastically improve your operational spending, increase uptime and ensure environmental conditions are always ideal. This means that your maintenance efforts are better directed, which in turn results in lower total OPEX spending and more reliable equipment so that your core business can continue to run smoothly. With a data-driven approach to facility maintenance, studies have shown that repair costs can sink by 45 percent and replacement costs by 35 percent. In addition, improved maintenance strategies result means up to 45 percent less downtime. 

Total Energy Management

Go further with Total Energy Management

In addition to helping you to get smart insights, Siemens assists organizations in customizing a comprehensive energy management program that addresses their needs from both sides of the meter. Our approach ensures a comprehensive plan to meet strategic and technical goals today, while protecting and optimizing investments well into the future via continuous data analysis and support. 


Take a holistic approach to your energy management strategy

Energy has an enormous impact on your ability to do business and to do it profitably. Our business is to help clients reduce their consumption of costly resources, optimize their supply of energy, and help their businesses become more sustainable.

Your journey toward more sustainable operations starts here.

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