Financing and delivering building performance improvements

Better insights lead to greater savings

Up to

$0 billion US$
  • in global annual investments are needed in buildings' energy systems (2010-2020) to limit global warming to 2⁰C.

Comprehensive energy management can accelerate the pace of investment in a clean energy future.

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A User’s Guide to Comprehensive Energy Management

Download “A User’s Guide to Comprehensive Energy Management” today to learn more about our findings and the best practices for comprehensive energy management.

Solving CAPEX constraints

Flexible financing and delivery models

Buildings are now increasingly treated as an essential part of clean energy transition strategies at country and regional levels. Financing however remains one of the key barriers to sustainable building investments. This is compounded by the fact that infrastructure upgrades tend to be reported as CAPEX, with amortization costs weighing heavily on balance sheets and financial ratios.
Comprehensive Package

Making it happen

We combine the latest building technologies with powerful data acquisition, analytics and digital service capabilities that deliver new levels of building performance and insights. Incorporated with the appropriate financial solution and business model, this helps to make appropriate real estate decisions – from lease re-negotiation to asset acquisition and divestment strategies.

Siemens Digital Service Centers

Add critical skills to ensure your energy performance stays on track: Once your efficiency strategy and programs are defined and implemented, let the engineers and technicians at our Digital Service Centers support your operational personnel with monitoring, maintaining and continually optimizing your building management systems and processes – for the long-term smooth, trouble-free, and energy-efficient operation of your buildings and systems.


Smart insights for smarter building operations

Navigator – the cloud-based energy and sustainability platform from Siemens – underpins our full suite of services. It provides centralized energy and sustainability performance intelligence, with end-to-end insights into key building performance data analytics. It was ranked in the top three energy management software solutions by Verdantix in 2015.


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Total Energy Management

Go further with Total Energy Management

In addition to helping you find the right financial solution and business model, Siemens assists organizations in customizing a comprehensive energy management program that addresses their needs from both sides of the meter. Our approach ensures a comprehensive plan to meet strategic and technical targets today, while protecting and optimizing investments well into the future via continuous data analyses and support. 


Take a holistic approach to your energy management strategy

Energy has an enormous impact on your ability to do business and to do it profitably. Our business is to help clients reduce their consumption of costly resources, optimize their supply of energy, and help their businesses become more sustainable.

Your journey toward more sustainable operations starts here.

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