Only a protected place is a perfect place

When you’re protecting what matters, it matters how you protect it. Our fire protection systems are our integrated solutions for protecting everything that is important to you. Protection for the past, present and the future.

Siemens can partner with you to assist in understanding the NFPA 3000™ standard for Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response Program.

We can help you evaluate your specific needs around this new standard to protect your building occupants and coordinate an effective response in the event of an emergency situation. 

Building owners and consulting / specifying engineers

Did you know that a fire can double in size every 30 seconds?

During an emergency, every second counts. You need fire protection systems that will keep your people, property, and assets safe. And that means those protection systems must be working properly so they can best protect lives. Every element of protection matters.

For Building Owners

Improving people's lives. Ensuring the safety of buildings and assets

Siemens Fire and Life Safety Solutions and Services offer an innovative portfolio, backed by our certified technicians whose expertise in codes, regulations, trends, and technologies are helping protect people’s lives and ensure the safety of buildings and its assets.


The Siemens National Service Operations Center features 24x7 fire alarm and life safety systems monitoring.


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For Consulting / Specifying Engineers

Support for your projects

Siemens certified technicians understand codes, regulations, trends, and technologies. This expertise means they are prepared to support your existing customers, projects in process, and future projects still in design stage.

Siemens Customer Choice

With Siemens Customer Choice, you can focus on specfifying performance and ensure life safety – every day.


Consulting / Specifying Engineers

Siemens Customer Choice


Protected places creating perfect places. Everywhere.

All over the world, we turn places into protected places.

Our Portfolio

With fire and life safety solutions customized for your business needs and budget, you can turn to Siemens for our complete portfolio of innovative, intelligent technologies for the lifecycle of every building.

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Resources for Consulting / Specifying Engineers and Contractors

Specify performance. Focus on life safety.