Fire Safety (UL)

Fire safety

A perfect place is a protected place

Fire safety involves many disciplines from detection, alarming, evacuation and extinguishing to danger and building management. Only if all of them are carefully geared to each other as well as your specific requirements can you be assured that your employees, visitors, guests and assets are maximally protected. We offer all the required products, systems and solutions from a single source to safeguard the continuity of your business.

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Fire protection

Fire protection systems

Every element of protection in one system

Innovative fire protection systems for all requirements. All of our fire protection systems are scalable from small to very large and from simple to complex making them easily expandable.


Fire protection systems from Siemens provide unbeatable accuracy and ease of use for building personnel, installers, and firefighters. At the first sign of danger, our reliable fire protection systems trigger a coordinated alarm and extinguishing systems are activated.


All our systems comply with the highest UL fire safety standards for peace-of-mind installations and ensured product quality. Desigo Fire Safety is our fire protection systems which are installed and maintained by our local Siemens organization. Cerberus PRO is our fire protection system which is installed and maintained in close partnership through our global network solution partners.

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Management stations

Managing your building means managing your building’s fire protection. 

The potential dangers that jeopardize assets and business processes increase the need for danger management and better protection. This is why safety and security have become central features in both commercial and domestic life and why investments in security technologies have grown over the past several years. Today, businesses and public buildings usually have more than one security system installed. Powerful danger management systems offer a one-source management application that combines all of them into one system.


The best way to monitor several places at the same time is with data.

Driving the digitalization of fire safety to the next level our Cloud Apps portfolio comprises a collection of Apps that enable the digitalization of our fire protection systems. This helps our partners to digitalize their service and maintenance offering.


Fire safety applications

Fire risks are largely dependent on a buildings purpose and can vary greatly between rooms. We offer dedicated protection concepts for all environments typically found in commercial or public buildings. Learn about our fire protection specific to your building and fire and life safety goals.

Fire Safety City

From simple to sophisticated, protection matters in all buildings. 

Visit Fire Safety City and view our “virtual” exhibit of fire & life safety products, services & solutions. While visiting you can explore our portfolio from simple to sophisticated applications across a wide range of vertical markets including restaurants, hotels, hospitals and medical buildings, K-12 schools, data centers, university campuses, high rises and more! Click here to visit Fire Safety City!


Innovative technology that gives you a cutting edge

Businesses and buildings are becoming more and more complex and thus require increasingly sophisticated approaches to fire safety. You can rely on our innovative portfolio to always be up to date with the latest technological developments. We guarantee the best possible protection that leverages all potentials- now and in the future.

Focus on Digitalization: Unlock your business potential with smart buildings

The digital enterprise is already a reality, and companies are pursuing its benefits and opportunities through the digital transformation, which requires seamless integration of data along the value chain. Turning this data into value is a critical success factor. While it’s true that buildings today should be efficient, reliable and safe – these elements alone don’t enable businesses and empower people the way a true smart building can.


Smart buildings are unlocking the potential by taking a more people-centric approach. Sensors in buildings and energy systems share their data with us and, combined with a digital twin of the building and using applications, can be analyzed to optimize building operation. This results in customers’ advantages such as higher energy and equipment efficiency, better space utilization as well as enhanced user efficiency, comfort and safety.


With our unique mix of people, technology and services, complimented with recent acquisitions we provide a solid foundation to enhance your building performance with the power of data – and ultimately create the perfect place for you to achieve your business goals.


Learn more about Siemens Cloud Apps for fire safety


‘No False Alarm Guarantee’

Multi-criteria detectors managed by ASAtechnology can differentiate nuisance and true alarms. All Siemens detectors with ASAtechnology come with a No False Alarm Guarantee.


False alarms can be a serious annoyance to a business and its community. In addition to the disruption to business operations and the associated fines, they also divert resources from other potential emergencies as first responders are required to respond to the alarm.


Siemens offers a No False Alarm Guarantee on its multi-criteria ASAtechnology detectors which states that Siemens will pay fines as a result of a false alarm from an ASAtechnology detector that was purchased from a Siemens branch or authorized Siemens fire product distributor and was properly applied and maintained.


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In today’s corporate world, ensuring life safety and business continuity is just as important as being able to react quickly and flexibly to changing market requirements, customer needs and emerging risks. Thinking ahead is particularly important for fire safety. New business processes, drops in system performance or increased operational costs due to increased maintenance requirements or false alarms can call for more modern protective measures. With state-of-the-art detection, alarming, evacuation, extinguishing and building management systems from our extensive portfolio, we can provide tailored solutions for migrating and expanding your system to meet today’s – and future – standards.


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Siemens Customer Choice

Find the right trusted experts and system for your fire & life safety projects

Understand that you have choices. Focus on life safety. Specify performance.

We’re dedicated to giving you the right fire & life safety solutions, products, and services you need to protect people, assets, and buildings…from data centers and hospitals to campuses and high rise buildings.


With Customer Choice from Siemens, you select from our Desigo® Fire Safety and Cerberus® PRO portfolios, so you can design the system and access the service you need for a successful project. All technicians are Siemens Technology Certified, which allows them to install, service, and expand both Desigo and Cerberus PRO systems. End users can also become certified to support their own software and equipment.

Protection matters
A perfect place is a protected place

Protection matters

When you're protecting what matters, every element of protection matters. Find out more on how Siemens fire safety helps you to protect what matters.


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