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Increase your efficiency. Reduce service and maintenance cost.

Desigo Fire Portal is a secure and Cloud-based web portal that allows facility owners, building managers and operators to monitor their fire protection system remotely anywhere and anytime. See what's happening on your fire control panels with a single view of all system sites from any smart device. Get real-time data by clicking on a specific panel, view the system status on the website, site maps and color-coding for panel status.
What is it?

Safe. Efficient. Easy user experience.

With Desigo Fire Portal, you have all your fire protection system sites in one view. No need to drive to the location. You can see the status of your sites and get more details by clicking on the site of interest. Be confident knowing that all data is protected with an encrypted connection ensuring the safety of your information.

24/7 connectivity

Get the data out of your sites securely with our Connect X300 gateway. With simple installation and commissioning. Giving you access to all your connected sites anywhere and anytime.


Multi-sites dashboard

A live overview of your connected sites. With a clear color code that gives you an overview of their status. Be pro-active, know all your system issues and communicate with your staff and your Siemens technician for a faster and more efficient response. 


Real-time monitoring

Planning your next fire panel service maintenance? Check the site status for an in-depth look at what the issues are at your individual sites. Your Siemens technician will arrive well prepared with the right tools, products and equipment. Reduce unnecessary service calls by digitalizing your fire protection system.


Designed to be easy to use

A simple user interface helping you to focus on what is really important. All portal features can be easily used from a smartphone or a tablet with a web responsive design. Sign Up for a demo today with a Siemens Field Representative!



Next steps?

Connect your fire protection systems

How to connect your sites?

The Connect X300 gateway is our quick and simple solution to connect your already existing building locations to the Cloud and to enable the integration of Desigo Fire Portal. It gives you read and write access to all the connected devices. It is easily installed and commissioned without IT infrastructure changes. Data is encrypted and the integrated firewall can be customized to project needs. Our cloud connectivity follows strict cybersecurity methods.

Protecting what matters with Desigo Fire Safety 

Desigo Fire Portal is an extension of our Desigo family. Because when it comes to protecting the things that matter, it matters how you protect them. For fire protection, Desigo Fire Safety provides the answer in a single integrated solution that takes care of every element of protection.


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