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Desigo Fire Tunnel

Remote access for service efficiency 
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Increase service efficiency which limits the system downtime and maximizes business continuity.

Desigo Fire Tunnel is a secure and Cloud-based tunneling solution that allows you and your Siemens technician to facilitate remote operational, engineering support and software updates to a fire safety system. Reduce service request and decrease technician travel times by fixing system issues remotely.
What is it?

Safe connection for easy maintenance

Desigo Fire Tunnel enables Siemens to address issues remotely with a live connection to the fire safety system. Siemens will have the capability, depending on the situation, to access and make updates to your system remotely to help provide faster and more efficient response, potentially avoiding an on-site service call. Everything is connected through an encrypted connection always ensuring the safety of your data. Our cloud connectivity follows strict cybersecurity methods.
Next steps?

Connect your fire protection systems

How to connect your sites?

The Connect X300 gateway is our quick and simple solution to connect your already existing building locations to the Cloud and to enable the integration of Desigo Fire Portal. It gives you read write access to all connected devices. It is easily installed and commissioned without IT infrastructure changes. Data is encrypted and the integrated firewall can be customized to project needs. Our cloud connectivity follows strict cybersecurity methods.

Protecting what matters with Desigo Fire Safety 

Desigo Fire Tunnel is an extension of our Desigo family. Because when it comes to protecting the things that matter, it matters how you protect them. For fire protection, Desigo Fire Safety provides the answer in a single integrated solution that takes care of every element of protection.


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