Cerberus® PRO - fire protection system (UL)

Siemens Cerberus PRO fire protection system

When you’re protecting what matters, it matters how you protect.

When it comes to protecting the things that matter, it matters how you protect them. For fire protection, Cerberus PRO provides the answer in a single integrated solution that takes care of every element of protection. It integrates a comprehensive portfolio, application know-how and expert consulting services to ensure an optimal fire safety solution.

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Sales and Service Locator

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Protecting what matters

Protecting lives, assets, business continuity

From safeguarding employees and the business, fully utilizing the building, maximizing operational efficiency, ensuring system integrity, to fulfilling legal requirements to comply with standards and regulations, a wide range of needs must be fulfilled. Protection gives you certainty. Protecting you from fire and much more. Because when you feel protected you can concentrate on your task, be creative, be productive and successful. Knowing that lives, assets, and business continuity are taken care of should a fire incident occur.

Cerberus PRO Portfolio

Whether you are protecting a small retail store, commercial building, marine vessel or complex university campus our Cerberus PRO portfolio offers a complete line of solutions to protect your facility and the flexible design ensuring it offers the right life safety design for your needs.

Fire Safety City

From simple to sophisticated, protection matters in all buildings. 

Visit Fire Safety City and view our “virtual” exhibit of fire & life safety products, services & solutions. While visiting you can explore our portfolio from simple to sophisticated applications across a wide range of vertical markets including restaurants, hotels, hospitals and medical buildings, K-12 schools, data centers, university campuses, high rises and more! Click here to visit Fire Safety City!

Product Information

Every element of fire protection in one system

For all the elements of fire protection, Cerberus PRO has it covered. With a comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and life-cycle services, Cerberus PRO protects what matters to you. Because only a protected place is a perfect place.
The partner network

Serving individual needs

From planning to engineering, installation, and maintenance or pure product delivery – Siemens partners skillfully serve your needs. Our partners are system experts, offering tailored services including engineering and commissioning work projects of all sizes and complexity levels. Make the connection with a certified partner.
Your benefits

Beyond products and systems

Certified partners are your dependable source for integrated and effective solutions.

Cerberus PRO planning support

With its planning tools, Cerberus PRO facilitates fire safety planning. The planning tools are particularly for engineers, planners, and installers. They show all network participants, explain important technical features, and display all networking possibilities- for easy fire safety planning.

Ready to start your next project?

No matter your project scope or need, we offer the right solutions, products, and service provider choice for the entire lifecycle of your fire & life safety system. Contact us for further information on our fire detection technologies, solutions, and services.