Desigo® Fire Safety 50 Point Panel System (UL)

When you're protecting what matters, it matters how you protect.

Are you prepared to protect your people, building, and assets?

Everyone fears the day a fire will take over a building, potentially harming the people who works inside, the assets you keep, the business you run. But when signs of a fire can be detected as early as possible, you increase your odds of keeping everyone and everything safe. The Desigo Fire Safety 50 pt system provides ideal fire safety combining innovation and power in a flexible, cost effective system.

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Offering all the elements of protection needed for small to mid-size facilities:

Desigo Fire Safety 50 pt System Benefits:

  • Supports up to 50 addressable devices on Class A or Class B Circuits
  • Custom system design lets you easily distribute detectors and modules across the building
  • PAD-5 power supply with expanded flexibility in designing multi- floor systems and features like isolation device capability and Siemens patented Boost Technology
  • Mixed functionality loops let you mix and match detectors and modules on circuits
  • Full compatibility with Desigo advanced, standard, and H-series devices, as well as Class X (isolation), Class A and Class B circuits
  • Supports releasing via the Pad-5, including releasing countdown timers and a robust range of solenoids.

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Controlling Your Desigo Fire Safety 50 pt Panel

Learn about features and basic components and how to operate your Desigo Fire Safety 50 pt fire panel. Prepare your facility manager and staff with common operations such as acknowledging and silencing an alarm, event scrolling and other control features.

Building the right system to meet the code requirements & unique challenges of your facility

Ready to learn more about Desigo Fire Safety 50 pt System?

An intelligent fire detection system is a key component of your overall fire and life safety strategy. If you’re ready to learn more about how you can integrate the latest technologies and meet local codes and standards for small to mid- market applications, contact our team today.