Desigo® Fire Safety Compact System (UL)

When you're protecting what matters, it matters how you protect.

Are you prepared to protect you people, building and assets?

Everyone fears the day a fire will take over a building, potentially harming the people who works inside, the assets you keep, the business you run. But when signs of a fire can be detected as early as possible, you increase your odds of keeping everyone and everything safe. The Desigo Fire Safety 252/504 pt Fire & Voice system, otherwise known as the Desigo Fire Safety Compact System, is scalable to meet customers' evolving needs and customizable, allowing you to build the most cost-effective system for any mid to large size facilities.

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Offering all the elements of protection needed for mid to large sized facilities:

Desigo Fire Safety Compact offers:

  • Fire (FC2025/2050) & Fire with Voice (FV2025/2050) system options
  • Easy to install, affordable and has the latest innovations offered by Siemens
  • A full line of addressable detectors and devices offered from the Siemens portfolio
  • Backed by Siemens support, programs and initiatives
  • Backwards Compatibility with Siemens legacy systems & devices 

The Desigo Fire Safety portfolio includes the FC2025 fire control panel, which supports up to 252 addressable detectors or devices, and the FC2050 which supports up to 504 devices.

Desigo Fire Safety Networkable System Benefits:


  • Networkable control panels for applications of various sizes
  • Flexible and scalable fire protection that can be adapted to new conditions and expanded as needs require
  • Efficient system service and maintenance through remote diagnostics and evaluation
  • Optional releasing module
  • Comprehensive detection designed to protect a variety of areas, with options that meet a wide range of NFPA and UL standards
  • Connect up to 32 control panels together via copper or fiber. Supports fire and/or voice panels  

The Desigo Fire Safety Intelligent Voice Communication portfolio includes the FV2025 control panel, which supports up to 252 addressable detectors or devices, and the FV2050, which supports up to 504 devices.

Desigo Fire Safety Intelligent Voice Communication Benefits:


  • Digital voice technology for messages that come through loud and clear
  • Multi-channel message player supports up to 300 messages per panel, providing the flexibility to deliver customized messaging to specific areas at specific times
  • Voice and fire are networked using the same copper or fiber connection making for simpler installation
  • UL Listed as both a fire panel and emergency communication system offering comprehensive life safety protection in a single enclosure
  • CD quality sampling rate and high-fidelity speakers provide clear broadcast of non-emergency and emergency messaging as well as background music.

Vertical Markets

Seamless Migration Path from Legacy Systems

As your trusted partner, we want to ensure your seamless migration form MXL-IQ and FS-250 to the Desigo Fire Safety Compact System. Siemens' proven migration strategies protect your people and assets now and moving forward, combining current technologies with backward compatibility .
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Controlling Your Desigo Fire Safety FC2025 and Desigo Fire Safety 2025/2050 Fire Panels

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An intelligent fire detection system is a key component of you overall fire safety strategy. If you're ready to learn more about how you can integrate the latest technologies and meet local codes and standards for mid market applications, contact our team today.