Conventional Fire Protection Systems (UL)

Conventional Fire Protection System (LU)

Combining intelligent signal processing and easy installation for reliable fire protection

Fire protection is about protecting people and assets, securing business processes and ensuring continuity. With Siemens conventional fire alarm systems, we offer reliable and cost-efficient fire protection for various applications. With approved system devices coming from one supplier you can be sure that everything has been designed to work perfectly together and when that supplier is Siemens, you can be certain that it will stay that way. The flexibility of the panels allows the system operation to be optimized for each application. The complete range of detectors means that fast reliable detection can be provided in every area.

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About TXR-320 and the value of Conventional Systems

The biggest difference between conventional and addressable fire alarm systems is scale. Conventional fire alarms are ideal for small buildings and are much less expensive and require less time to install. Siemens TXR-320 Conventional System is easy to install with 13 preconfigured modes of operation and intuitive panel programming. It offers full compatibility with sprinkler services and Siemens Sinorix suppression systems for single- hazard and dual- hazard applications and supports a full line of multi- criteria detectors.

Choose the right fire alarm system for your facility

Siemens Conventional Systems were developed to meet the varied fire detection needs of schools, municipal buildings, nursing homes, apartment buildings, warehouses, small office buildings and department stores, virtually anywhere a cost efficient, general purpose fire control panel is required. As your facility becomes more complex, Siemens offers a full portfolio of Addressable Fire Alarm Systems with the scalability and flexibility to meet the needs of any facility.

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