Legacy Fire Safety Portfolio (UL)

Stay safe - today and tomorrow

In today’s corporate world, ensuring life safety and business continuity is just as important as being able to react quickly and flexibly to changing market requirements, customer needs and emerging risks. Thinking ahead is particularly important for fire safety. New business processes, drops in system performance or rising operational costs due to increased maintenance requirements or false alarms can call for more modern protective measures. With state-of-the-art detection, alarming, evacuation, extinguishing and building management systems from our extensive portfolio, we can provide tailored solutions for migrating and expanding your system to meet today’s – and future – standards.

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Sales and Service Locator

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Understand the lifecycle of your fire system

The first step in protecting your business continuity is understanding the changes to the codes & standards in your markets and the advancements in Siemens fire technology. All of Siemens legacy systems are backed by Siemens support and offer a phased approach to upgrading your system to meet the current & future needs of your facility. As your trusted life safety partner, we are committed to helping protect your facility and can help build the right migration path strategy to ensure your employees, visitors, guests and assets are protected.

A 360° approach to migrating your fire protection system

Regardless of whether you want to migrate or expand your existing system with more advanced technology – our solutions cover all requirements of modern fire protection to ensure maximum business continuity, life safety and asset protection. Our phased approach allows for continued operation and minimal disruptions of your business.