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Find the right trusted experts and system for your Fire & Life Safety projects

Siemens Technology Certified technicians install, service, and expand both Desigo® and Cerberus® PRO systems. We’re dedicated to giving you the right fire & life safety solutions, products, and services you need to protect people, assets, and buildings, from data centers and hospitals to campuses and high rise buildings. With Customer Choice from Siemens, you select from our Desigo® Fire Safety and Cerberus® PRO portfolios, so you can design the system and access the service you need for a successful project.

Sales and Service Locator

Sales and Service Locator

Find factory certified and authorized experts in your area.

Understand that you have choices.

As an engineer, you know you need to specify products, solutions, and performance so you can focus on life safety—and you need to know your system will grow and evolve over time. Whether you work with Siemens branch offices or solution partners for your initial system design and installation, you have the flexibility of choice: identify the right channel, products, solutions, and service to meet your project’s needs, now and in the future.


All technicians are Siemens Technology Certified, which allows them to install, service, and expand both Desigo and Cerberus PRO systems. End users can also become certified to support their own software and equipment.

Ready to start your next fire & life safety project? 

Siemens market approach provides world class customer choice. No matter the project scope or need, we offer the right solutions, products, and service provider choice for the entire lifecycle of your fire & life safety system.


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