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Fire and life safety systems play a critical role in protecting people, assets and buildings. Keeping systems up to date as needs and requirements change can be a challenge. You need a simple approach to maximizing your fire and life safety protection investment while avoiding potential failures, costly downtime, and unscheduled maintenance fees. You can be ready for the future with simple migration solutions from Siemens! Our latest migration strategies include connecting fire protection systems to the cloud with Cloud Apps and ISOtechnology™.

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If your existing system is working well, you might wonder why you need to migrate. The fact is, as MXL and other obsolete Siemens systems have reached the end of their life, replacement parts are no longer available and repairs can be costly. Now is the time to develop a plan with your customers to migrate!

Help ensure business continuity and provide maximum fire protection for your building with a migration to Cerberus PRO or Desigo Fire Safety. We’ve designed a strategic and simple approach. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 – three easy elements that give you added safety and serviceability. 

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