Siemens Fire Safety City Webinar Series

Join Siemens product managers for various one hour webinars focusing on our fire portfolio and latest innovations.
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This Fire Safety City Webinar Series is designed to provide you with insights and technical information and share our expertise on the topics that are most relevant to you and your organizations. The series includes webinars for all types of facilities and applications, from Small & Simple to Medium & Varied to Large & Sophisticated. Please see our listings below and register to attend the webinars that are the best fit for you.
Latest Innovations

Webinars featuring our latest fire safety innovations

We’re dedicated to providing decision makers with the right fire and life safety solutions, products, and services to meet your specific needs – now and in the future. Learn more about some of our latest fire and life safety innovations with these timely webinars.

Danger Management Stations - Protecting buildings smarter, easier, and more efficient

Managing your fire protection and security systems doesn't have to be complicated. Siemens offers customizable danger management stations that makes building protection smarter, easier and more efficient.


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Maximize your Fire Protection System with simple migration strategies

You need a simple approach to maximizing your fire and life safety protection investment while avoiding potential failures, costly downtime, and unscheduled maintenance fees. Learn about Siemens fire phase outs for certain systems & devices and proactively build a migration path you can take advantage of the latest technologies and features — such as improved isolation and survivability.


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A Recap & What’s New in Fire Safety – Latest Innovations

We will provide a brief recap of the Fire Safety City Webinar series and why Protection Matters in all buildings. In addition, we will discuss the latest in the Siemens Fire portfolio such such ISOtechnology, Cerberus Cloud Apps, MXL Migration and numerous system enhancements.


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Digitalize your fire business with remote connectivity through Cerberus Cloud Apps

Cloud Apps is a cloud-based suite of products that provides convenient, 24/7, real-time monitoring and remote access of Cerberus PRO Compact and Modular fire alarm systems through cloud connectivity.


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Innovative & Industry Leading Detection & Devices

Our fire detection technology ensures you are always in the best position to keep protecting what matters.


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Small and Simple

Webinars for Small and Simple Facilities

The following webinars will be of interest to smaller facilities such as restaurants, retail stores, local bank branches, and small business.

Fire Protection Systems for Small Buildings - 50 Point Systems

Our 50 PT system provides an ideal fire safety solution for small to mid-sized facilities combining innovation and power in a flexible and cost-effective system.


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Medium and Varied

Webinars for Medium-Sized Facilities

The following webinars will be of interest to many medium-sized facilities such as schools, hotels and motels, medical offices, outpatient buildings, and other mid-size buildings with a wide range of applications.

Fire Protection Systems for Mid-Size Buildings - 252/504 Point Systems

252/504 PT system helps you to meet the needs for any mid to large sized facility with integrated fire, voice and a clear migration path from legacy systems.


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Large and Sophisticated

Webinars for Large Facilities and Sophisticated Applications

The following webinars are targeted towards larger facilities and organizations requiring more sophisticated fire safety applications. These may include high-rises, university campuses, data centers, and hospitals.

Fire Protection Systems for Large and Sophisticated Buildings - Modular Systems

Modular design is scalable to meet your custom needs, allowing you to build the most cost-effective system for any large and complex facility.


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Desigo Mass Notification - Integrated communication solution

Desigo Mass Notification is easy to use and able to reach them all, wherever they are, whatever they are doing, and provides the right information for an appropriate response.


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