Fire Sprinkler Services

Fire Sprinkler Services

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The power of digitalization – applied to your sprinkler system

Advances in fire and life safety technologies now make it possible to integrate connected sprinklers for better protection of lives, property, and business continuity. Because today’s buildings are more connected with more devices than ever before, fire and life safety professionals are adapting new technologies to help make buildings safer.


Smart Fire Sprinkler Service from Siemens leverages digital technology for continuous system monitoring and proactive identification of issues to support resolution before they escalate, cause property damage, and/or require costly emergency repairs.

What matters most

Working toward compliance for your fire sprinkler system

From NFPA standards to Federal, state, and local codes, your fire sprinkler system is subject to a wide range of compliance requirements. And while many building owners don’t fully understand the requirements, ignorance of the standards and codes is not a legal defense for not meeting them. Meeting all periodic requirements for inspection, testing and, maintenance and including the required documentation is essential.


Most building owners rely on their service provider to help stay up-to-date with fire protection system compliance, so choosing the right partner—one who understands your facility’s systems and the codes and standards that apply to them is a key first step.

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Reducing risk. Protecting lives. Siemens fire sprinkler services.

Siemens Engineering Hot Topics Webinar Series

Siemens Engineering Hot Topics Webinar Series

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Siemens has long been a trusted partner to a wide range of organizations, thanks to our extensive knowledge of codes, regulations, trends, and technologies – as well as our comprehensive digital portfolio of fire and life safety services. Contact our team today.