Desigo Mass Notification

When seconds matter, an integrated mass notification solution is critical to effective emergency and event response.

Reach them all, wherever they are

Many of today’s facilities use a variety of systems to monitor and manage operations and emergency communications. These systems often cannot communicate with each other, and most require a high level of human interaction. In short, they increase the risk of human error and can delay response times. Managing too many disparate systems impedes your ability to respond effectively in an emergency.

Desigo Mass Notification is easy to use and able to reach them all, wherever they are, whatever they are doing, and provides the right information for an appropriate response.



Siemens Engineering Hot Topics Webinar Series

Siemens Engineering Hot Topics Webinar Series

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When seconds matter, make every single one count

NFPA 3000™ (PS): New Standard for Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program

As more hostile events occur, law enforcement, first responders, facility managers, and other officials must have information they need to effectively respond. This new standard identifies minimum program elements needed to:

  • Organize, manage, and sustain ASHER program
  • Reduce risks, effect, and impact on an organization from these events

We can partner with you to assist in understanding the NFPA 3000 standard for Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response Program. We can help you evaluate your specific needs around this new standard to protect your building occupants and coordinate an effective response in the event of an emergency situation.

How can you help protect your people and business when disaster strikes?

Centralized command and control for effective emergency response

Studies have shown that people are more likely to take a warning seriously if they receive it more than once and from multiple sources. Now you can quickly, reliably, and accurately get emergency and routine communications sent to and received by the right people, no matter where they are or what they are doing, with Desigo Mass Notification Solution. The Desigo platform lets you augment your current systems, leveraging your past and future infrastructure investments.

How can you most effectively inform people of an emergency or every day changes?

Integration of systems provides better situational awareness and response

Leverage and integrate existing infrastructure for improved safety, security, and control Desigo Mass Notification is based on the Desigo CC platform from Siemens. The result is a centralized, customizable solution that can integrate and streamline multiple disciplines ‒ from fire safety and security to building automation.

  • Reach a mass audience with timely, life-saving information
  • Target zones, buildings, groups, or individuals with customized information based on their location or role
  • Integrate with existing systems to optimize prior and future system investments
  • Streamline and simplify the alert process
  • Use a layered, multi-mode approach to reach people, wherever they are
  • Adapt to your needs and grow with technological advancements
Be in the know

Protection matters in our schools to keep our students, staff and teachers safe and secure

Siemens proved to be a true business partner in working with us to understand our concerns, to understand the issues we’re trying to address, to look at the day-to-day activity that happens on campus, and the technology that would integrate well.
Jeff Cataldo Chief Financial Officer, Kent School 

Creating the perfect place to learn with innovative safety technology

Without a proper emergency mass notification solution, alerting people could waste critical response time, as incidents are unpredictable and standard methods of deployment generally require the use of many disparate systems.


Whether the rowing team is on the river or students are running the trails through the woods, getting critical emergency information to everyone on campus presents a significant challenge. But in northwestern Connecticut, Kent School officials have uncovered the solution: comprehensive mass notification. Learn more about how Kent School has implemented an effective mass notification solution that augments their current technologies and emergency preparedness program, creating peace of mind across campus.

When seconds can mean the difference between life and death, it can’t take minutes.
Dave Bujak Emergency Management Coordinator, FSU

Single button approach integrates all campus communication modalities to reach them all

An “easy button” approach lets you quickly and easily formulate effective responses. With configurable easy button commands, operators have a consistent, clear user interface to initiate outgoing messages with the push of a button. You can also receive step-by-step guidance to help ensure compliance with the company’s emergency response plan, letting you respond calmly and confidently, putting every second to good use. At Florida State University where weather varies and communication across campus is essential, this was the right approach.

Creating perfect places where protection matters

Contact our team to learn more about how Desigo Mass Notification can reach them all and make every second count, whether an emergency or not.