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Smart infrastructure from Siemens supports the way we all want to live – happily, comfortably, sustainably and in harmony. It supports the way industry and organizations want to be – efficient, responsible and smarter. Technology and the ingenuity of people come together to be at one with our environments and to care for our world.
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Come back with confidence

How can smart building technology and the help of a knowledgeable partner support you in the “next normal?” How do we return to work, school, and more?

Whether you need to reduce the spread of airborne and surface contaminants, improve indoor air quality, or support social distancing, we can help you rise to the occasion. We're harnessing our capabilities and expertise to create innovative smart building technologies, services, and solutions that build trust with the people that enter your doors. With solutions to address both common and industry-specific challenges, we're here to make sure you come back with confidence in a safe and healthy environment.

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Siemens Smart Building Technologies help keep the NCCHR open during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Siemens can help you come back with confidence, find out how.

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Siemens is proud to partner with Sourcewell and their Cooperative Purchasing Contracts.

This agreement allows state and local government agencies, schools, and non-profit organizations, including hospitals and nursing homes, to purchase solutions, equipment, and services through a pre-negotiated contract vehicle, saving time and eliminating the RFP process. And with allocated federal funding now available, this vehicle can accelerate the process.

Smart Buildings

Expect more from your smart building


At Siemens, we deliver smarter buildings that reduce costs and add value. A smart building from Siemens leverages data to create adaptable, people-centric environments that organizations rely upon to increase competitiveness, drive productivity, and support long-term growth. We bring the right people, processes and technology so you can achieve world-class operations and a superior occupant experience today and into the future.


The era of the smart building is here.

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Advisory and Performance Services

Driving outcomes through value-based services.

Advisory and Performance Services take a value-based approach to service; we call it Proven Outcomes. We help you reach those goals with the support of knowledgeable service professionals, the latest digital technology, and smart processes that increase productivity and efficiency. These services deliver the results you need and demonstrate them with consistent tracking and robust reporting. Advisory and Performance Services are designed for your success.


Designing service strategies to meet your business goals.

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BT App


There is growing demand to meet sustainability and energy efficiency mandates, create a greener image, and build greater resilience into systems.

The Siemens Building technology app provides an interactive and engaging experience with actionable information to help building owners, facility managers, contractors and architects make better decisions. From data centers to commercial buildings, healthcare, federal, life sciences, oil & gas, higher education, K-12, cities and more—users can navigate to their specific areas of interest within the app.Learn how Siemens’ Building technology app can help meet your objectives to provide smarter, more efficient and more sustainable buildings.

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