HVAC Products

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The right HVAC device matters to make your perfect place a reality.

More than 40% of a building’s energy consumption is from the HVAC system. Improving the mechanics that control air and water flow throughout the system can enhance performance and provide immediate savings in energy costs. Let us help you discover how to achieve the best possible HVAC system design with the right field devices that deliver the right building comfort and reliable savings to make your perfect place a reality.

HVAC Products

Air Conditioning Systems

HVAC equipment controls

HVAC Equipment Controls

Complete solutions for direct use in air handling units, rooftop units, chillers and heat pumps allow easy integration, 

high efficiency as well as cost optimization.

Damper Actuators

OpenAir™ electronic damper actuators

OpenAir™ Electronic Damper Actuators

More torque, greter energy efficiency, and long-lasting reliability gives you an ideal solution for all your HVAC equipment needs. Learn more.

Valves and Actuators

Hydronic systems generation, distribution and consumption

Valves and Actuators

A versatile range of valves and actuators designed for ease of use, superior control accuracy, and energy efficiency. Learn more.

Variable Frequency Drives

BT300 series


Variable Frequency Drives

Achieve up to 50% energy savings controlling HVAC fans and pumps

Rely on Siemens HVAC products for the best possible system performance

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