HVAC equipment controls

HVAC Equipment Controls

From simple to complex…flexible and scalable HVAC equipment control solutions.

Siemens offers a complete range of flexible and scalable HVAC control solutions with the Climatix series. Climatix is designed for use with rooftop units, chillers, heat pumps, air handling units, fan coil units, high precision air conditioning units and district heating or cooling substations. The modular design provides flexibility to adapt and scale, saving time and reducing costs. A broad range of I/O extension modules, communication and user interfaces complement the versatile product portfolio.

HVAC equipment control solutions for OEMs

Using the latest, most innovative technologies to enable cost-effective and efficient control of HVAC equipment.

The C600 is the most advanced Climatix controller in terms of application and size coverage. It is modular and scalable to cover the most demanding plants and applications. It also speaks any language, including Modbus, BACnet, PL-link, OPC, LON and M-Bus. Despite its complexity, its compact design and built-in push and roll buttons make the C600 simple to install and operate.

The C400 controller is a programmable solution that ensures maximum flexibility. OEMs benefit from Siemens libraries of pre-tested applications that reduce their engineering efforts. Installation costs are also minimized thanks to the Climatix smartHMI.

A cost-effective, direct replacement for most rooftop unit economizer brands. Its small footprint makes mounting to panels, duct work or air handling units quick and easy.

Climatix IC and Climatix smartHMI

The Climatix control range provides a complete digital solution. Many controllers can be easily connected to our cloud platform, Climatix IC. In addition, our digitalized HMI concept uses the latest technologies to simplify installation, commissioning, operation and service.

Climatix smartHMI solution

The Climatix smartHMI solution allows OEMs to offer the perfect interface to every user. From phones, tablets and computers to built-in HMIs, all user requirements can be fulfilled in just one engineering workflow. The result is higher customer satisfaction without additional costs.

Climatix smartHMI offers many additional benefits:

The right tools, from engineering to service, are provided by Siemens

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