Damper actuators

OpenAir damper actuators

The right damper actuator for any HVAC application

Our OpenAir™ series provides more torque sizes to meet all of your needs. With over 40 years of innovating control actuators, Siemens is a recognized global leader in HVAC damper actuators. Energy-efficient, robust, flexible and reliable – save time and costs with OpenAir.

OpenAir global leadership in electronic damper actuators

Open Air

Leading innovation to save lives

Siemens Engineers explain how they designed OpenAir fire and smoke actuators for enhanced life safety by uniquely integrating the actuator with a low voltage electronic fusible link. Built for better performance and built for life.

When lives matter − every device in fire and smoke protection matters

No one wants to enter a building that has faulty equipment. And for fire or smoke protection, every component is critical to operate fault-free. The actuator and electronic fusible link are no exception. OpenAir fire and smoke damper actuators are uniquely designed to reduce risk and deliver better life safety with the only integrated actuator and electronic fusible link for improved safety.   See how easy it is to install for assembly consistency.

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