Fire and smoke electronic damper actuators

The right fire and smoke device matters when lives matter. Reduce risk with OpenAir™

A comprehensive fire and life safety plan requires a strategic combination of fire and smoke detection, suppression and containment for both active and passive fire protection. Fire and smoke dampers help contain smoke, toxic gases and fire from spreading throughout the building to aid protection of people, property and assets. The right device matters to operate a fire and smoke damper system…not only is it important to meet UL555 and UL555S standards, it’s imperative the devices used mitigate any risk to life safety, are long-lasting and reliable when needed. OpenAir™ actuators uniquely integrate with our patented electronic fusible link for reduced risk and improved protection. 

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Consulting Specifying Engineer Product of the Year 2020

The OpenAir™ series Fire and Smoke Damper Actuators are our award winning Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s 2020 Product of the Year! These fire and smoke damper actuators help you achieve better fire and smoke life safety performance.

OpenAir fire and smoke damper actuators meet the UL555S standard and the damper manufacturers carry the UL555S listing with their assemblies (damper + actuator).  The actuators uniquely integrate with our patented electronic fusible link using a low-voltage electrical connection. With other brands, damper assemblies and installations can vary drastically. OpenAir's unique integrated design changes the game. No extra hardware is required (junction box, conduit, etc.) and everything easily goes together improving assembly  consistency and eliminating risk of faulty installation.


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  • Maximum drive torque: 35 lb-in
  • Spring return torque: 35 lb-in
  • Temperature rating: 250º F / 30 minutes
  • 30-second drive open and 15-second spring return
  • Anti-rotation bracket mounted
  • Optional auxiliary switch versions available
  • Built-in electronic fusible link capability
  • Plenum-rated, pre-cabled
  • Made in the USA


Electronic Fusible Link:

  • Three temperature ratings 165° F, 212° F, and 250° F
  • Does not require conduit since wired to low-voltage side of actuator
  • Plenum-rated
  • Only manufacturer who provides electronic fusible link compatible with fire/smoke damper actuator
  • Manual override reset button – simplifies testing and inspection process
  • Fume hoods
  • Exhaust and supply dampers
  • Combination fire and smoke dampers

Use this simple and convenient selection guide to compare product information and choose the right product for your project. Selecting the right damper actuator for your application has never been easier.


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Visit HIT for even more selection choices like individual selection of values for torques and controls, in addition to schedule creation and list pricing.


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NEW: Variable Air Volume Solutions (VAV)

Revolutionary commissioning is at the heart of our VAV solution. Easily configure and commission multiple devices with innovative VAV technology built with our globally recognized OpenAir™ damper actuators.


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Siemens offers a 5-year warranty on valves, actuators, damper actuators, sensors, thermostats and meters.

Behind the innovation: our engineers explain the advantages of OpenAir for life safety

Every OpenAir actuator built is tested to ensure all critical performance parameters are met…and then we test far beyond acceptable standards to be a reliable, robust, life safety device.


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OpenAir fire and smoke damper actuators

Innovating better life safety performance

Which damper actuator is right for you? We can help.

Selecting the right damper actuator for your application has never been easier. Use this simple and convenient selection guide to compare product information and choose the right product for your project.


Selection guide 

Watch how easy it is to assemble OpenAir fire and smoke damper actuators with our patented electronic fusible link. Easy to assemble by OEMs and easy to replace if needed once installed. The patented electronic fusible link uses low voltage for greater energy efficiency and less hardware.

Innovative design simplifies installation and reduces risk

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Easily select the right damper actuator using HIT's torque calculation tool and filters

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