Siemens VAV Solutions

OpenAir™ Variable Air Volume Solutions

Increase productivity with an expanded Variable Air Volume (VAV) solution designed for a variety of applications. From stand-alone damper actuators to integrated devices that are compatible with almost any open platform.

OpenAir VAV Solutions

VAV made easy

Siemens OpenAir VAV Solutions feature an expanded actuator portfolio with configuration choices to increase productivity. Engineered with our globally recognized damper actuators, Siemens VAV offering delivers optimal comfort within different room environments.

  • OpenAir Intelligent VAV Actuator – integrated 3:1 device with actuator + differential pressure sensor + VAV logic
  • OpenAir VAV Compact Actuator – integrated 2:1 device with actuator + differential pressure sensor
  • OpenAir VAV Non-Spring Return Actuator – actuator only

VAV Solutions Brochure

                                                   Intelligent VAV Actuator Makes Life Easy

                                                   Intelligent VAV Actuator Installation                    

Intelligent VAV Actuator 

This simple plug and play solution is easy to commission and delivers reliable air volume control in any system. This solution was designed to address labor shortages, unskilled technicians, ongoing dependencies, and complex building automation systems which have contributed to time-consuming VAV installations.

VAV Commissioning Made Easy

  • VAV solution with an integrated actuator, differential pressure sensor and VAV logic all-in-one 
  • Compatible with almost any open platform
  • Easy commissioning with the Climatix mobile app
  • Pre-configured with the most common selections for fast and easy commissioning
  • Configure multiple VAV boxes by choosing from favorites 
  • Make real-time changes via the operation menu
  • Balancers only menu
  • VAV and fan powered box applications 
  • Available in 2023

VAV Compact Actuator

  • Built-in maintenance free pressure sensor
  • Easy commissioning via a laptop/PC or handheld tool
  • Easy integration and open communication to almost any platform
  • BTL Listed

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VAV Non-Spring Return Damper Actuator

  • GDE and GLB series standalone damper actuators easily integrate with third party controllers
  • 44in-lb and 88 in-lb torque rating
  • 100% factory tested
  • 1.5M positions and 5M repositions 

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Take zone control to the next level

VAV Solutions paired with Climatix RTU merges air flow control functionalities with the monitoring of other parameters such as temperature, indoor air quality, humidity and fine dust particles.


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