Intelligent VAV

Intuitive with simple and easy commissioning

A true innovation with commissioning through the Climatix mobile app makes the OpenAir Intelligent VAV actuator the ultimate choice in air volume control. This pre-configured VAV solution incorporates an actuator, pressure sensor and VAV logic all into one device, which avoids the need for wiring work between products. This simple installation and commissioning process empowers technicians with confidence to do more.

  • Pre-configured VAV solution, adaptable to individual requirements
  • Intutitive commissioning with the Climatix mobile app
  • Simple standalone integration
  • Adjustable damper positioning to meet temperature, humidity, indoor air quality and airflow setpoints 
  • Built-in actuator, differential presser sensor and VAV logic
  • 100% factory tested
  • Plenum rated
  • 88 lb-in torque rating
  • Integrates with third party building automation systems using BACnet IP
  • BTL Listed
  • UL Certified
  • Increases productivity with easy installation and commissioning 
  • Reduces complexity
  • Less labor and total install costs
  • Fewer callbacks and dependencies
  • Pair with the QMX3.P74 room unit with a built-in IAQ sensor for optimum indoor air quality
  • Compatabile with QMX3.P74, QMX3.P34, P30, P70 room unit/sensors
  • Custom settings
  • Reliable and built for the future
  • VAV
  • Fan Powered Box

Commissioning made easy

  • Fast and simple with the Climatix mobile app
  • The most intuitive solution on the market today
  • Pre-configured selection that significantly reduces commissioning steps
  • Choose from "favorites" for faster implementation

Get started with 5 simple steps

  1. Plug in the Smart HMI stick
  2. Download the Climatix mobile app
  3. Review configuration settings
  4. Configure from favorites to reduce errors
  5. Store multiple job configurations for faster implementation 

NEW: Variable Air Volume Solutions (VAV)

Revolutionary commissioning is at the heart of our VAV solution. Easily configure and commission multiple devices with innovative VAV technology built with our globally recognized OpenAir™ damper actuators.


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