Climatix Rooftop Unit Optimization Solutions

Enhanced RTU performance made easy.

Climatix makes rooftop unit maintenance and management easy

Climatix rooftop unit solutions are designed for HVAC Contractors to deliver better efficiency, comfort and savings to commercial building owners who want to make their RTUs work more reliably, more cost effectively and improve building comfort. 



Creating perfect places

There's a better way to enhance rooftop unit performance

Climatix remote management solutions for RTUs makes life easier.

Keep rooftop unit performance in sight with Climatix IC

Climatix IC remote management software works with the Climatix RT controller and state-of-the-art Climatix mobile app for RTU configuration, commissioning and operations.  Gain real-time access to RTU performance data from anywhere. 


With Climatix IC, remotely monitor the most important rooftop unit operating parameters and provide proactive maintenance to mitigate downtime. View real-time status of heating and cooling setpoints; indoor/outdoor temperature; humidty levels; fan speed; filter status and more. 


Let Climatix IC help you gain better insight into RTU performance to reduce unnecessary truck rolls and optimize productivity. 







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