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Climatix Rooftop Unit Solution

Millions of buildings rely on RTUs. Climatix rooftop unit optimization solution simplifies maintenance and management to ensure reliable performance.

No matter the age of the equipment, optimizing RTU performance is essential to prevent smaller issues from becoming larger problems.

Rooftop units may be out of sight, but shouldn't be out of mind.

Equipment performance declines over time without proper attention leading to poor indoor air quality, poor temperature management, nuisance noise, escalating energy bills and unexpected system downtime with more costly repairs.


The Climatix RTU solution simplifies maintenance and management of rooftop units to make life easy. It’s a pre-engineered package specially designed to optimize RTU performance out of the box.  No special controller programming is required – it’s done for you. The sensors you need are included in one kit that works with any manufacturer’s rooftop unit with up to three cooling compressors and two stages of heating. 


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Climatix RTU Solution

Simplify maintenance and management of rooftop units to make life easier.

Rooftop Unit Performance Made Easy with Climatix

Easy for Contractors

Enhance your service business with the easiest control solution and cloud-based remote monitoring that an apprentice can use and perform the job right.


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Easy for Building Owners and Managers

Experience a better, affordable way to ensure equipment performance is optimized toimprove efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality.


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Smart made simple!

A Better Way to Maintain Rooftop Units

Listen to this Buildings of Tomorrow podcast to learn how Siemens is simplifying smart building performance with a new solution to improve RTU efficiency, indoor air quality and overall building comfort at a t ime when building performance health is more critical than ever before. 


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