Bull Valley Country Club

Bull Valley achieves energy efficiency and comfort for guests

Bull Valley Golf Club faced a primitive HVAC system in great need of efficiency improvements. Not only did the Climatix RTU Solution increase efficiency of the system and quality of air, it also reduced energy costs.
Case Study

Bull Valley Golf Club and Rabine Mechanical

With dozens of events and thousands of people visiting the clubhouse every year, Bull Valley needed to address some deficiencies within the HVAC system and the rooftop units in particular. With a desire to make a range of energy savings improvements at Bull Valley led Rabine Mechanicals contractor, Mark Stranges, to recommend that the club should consider Siemens Climatix RTU Solution to replace the clubhouse’s aging equipment. Bull Valley knew this solution was a no-brainer and jumped on the opportunity knowing that it would save them money on their energy bills and make for a safer indoor environment for members.
 When I’m here during the summer busy season, I can focus on making sure our members, guests, and staff are having a good experience. It literally lets me do my job.
Brad Hisel, General Manager | Bull Valley Golf Club

A healthier clubhouse for peace of mind

While a country club is about the perfect golf experience, it is also a priority to provide the perfect clubhouse and event experience for members and guests. Now, having peace of mind that air quality is safe is of greater importance. Scheduling daily fresh air purge cycles to proactively maintain safe air quality becomes a key advantage for event bookings and elevates the club’s reputation for quality.


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We haven’t seen anything else on the market that’s as easy to use as this product. It’s something we can train our people on at a national level, making it a very good fit for our business model.
Mark Stranges, Contractor / Owner | Rabine Mechanical

Performance - and business growth - made easy with the Climatix RTU Solution

This controller-driven solution has pre-programmed configurations in the Climatix RT which are easily set up using a simple mobile app that guides the tech through the process and prevents mistakes. The programming is so simply designed that an apprentice could perform the work. Need to add a VFD to the unit? No problem. When paired with the Climatix VFD, your tech still only has a few points to assign in minutes…not hours. This solution provides simplified remote monitoring and the ability to navigate through any issues identified to proactively troubleshoot before rolling a truck.


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Cover photo of Bull Valley Case Study PDF with a picture of the golf club and the title "Creating a safer, fun experience at Bull Valley Golf Club with the Climatix RTU Solution."

Creating a safer, fun experience at Bull Valley Golf Club with the Climatix RTU Solution

Mark Stranges from Rabine Mechanical says that the Climatix RTU solution is ideal for building owners and customers who have packaged rooftop units and need better insights and control with a cloud-based solution. And for contractors: “The long-term benefit for us is the ability to expand our reach to customers nationally that we’d never been able to service before and to do so in a way that’s repeatable and scalable.” Rabine Mechanical isn’t the only business that can credit the Climatix RTU Solution with creating growth opportunities. Bull Valley grew their membership by 100% in 2020, due in part to the peace of mind afforded by the Climatix fresh air purge functionality.