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Climatix RTU optimization

Improve rooftop unit performance to prevent smaller issues from becoming larger problems.
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Consulting-Specifying Engineer‘s Product of the Year contest is the premier award for new products in the HVAC market and our Climatix RTU Solution is a finalist. The Climatix RTU makes life easy.

Make life easier with better HVAC equipment performance

Over 75% of buildings in the USA use rooftop units, and building owners are pressured to mitigate operational costs. Climatix rooftop unit optimization is an affordable service providing peace of mind that RTU performance and building comfort are maintained satisfactorily…no matter the equipment age.

We’re not doing a great job of managing energy ourselves, because we’re not focused on it. RTU service monitoring takes something off our plate that we’re not good at. 
- Restaurant Manager

Achieve Better Efficiency

It’s not uncommon for a new restaurant to have top kitchen equipment combined with average RTU equipment to meet initial construction budgets. With a lot of restaurant equipment creating heat, combined with temperature swings throughout the year, managing energy becomes a huge priority in addition to food safety and guest comfort. Proactive monitoring of RTU performance to avert an equipment outage crisis is a key benefit to avoid lost business.

Achieve Better Comfort

While a country club is about the perfect golf experience, it is also a priority to provide the perfect clubhouse and event experience for members and guests. Now, having peace of mind that air quality is safe is of greater importance. Scheduling daily fresh air purge cycles to proactively maintain safe air quality becomes a key advantage for event bookings and elevates the club’s reputation for quality.

While the economy has made us more cost-conscious –we need to make the right investments to assure guest satisfaction and safety for the long-term. 
- Country Club Owner
We need reliable service while operating with limited facilities maintenance funds. 
– Middle School Maintenance Manager 

Achieve Better  Control

Many schools are faced with budget gaps for facilities operation and yet are tasked to keep up maintenance to avoid more costly outages. Climatix RTU solution with remote management by Climatix IC provides an affordable service to improve RTU equipment performance and extend equipment life to achieve more predictable costs. 

Podcast: A Better Way to Maintain Rooftop Units

Listen to this Buildings of Tomorrow podcast to learn how Siemens is simplifying smart building performance with a new solution to improve RTU efficiency, indoor air quality and overall building comfort at a time when building performance health is more critical than ever before. 


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Webinar: Climatix Rooftop Unit Optimization Solution

Learn more about the Climatix RTU Solution to improve your overall building performance. Features, benefits and case scenarios will be covered in depth. Discover better efficiency, better comfort and better control with the Climatix RTU Solution.


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Simplify RTU maintenance and management

Rooftop units may be out of sight but shouldn’t be out of mind. Equipment performance declines over time without proper attention, leading to poor indoor air quality, poor temperature management, nuisance noise, escalating energy bills and unexpected system downtime with more costly repairs.


The Climatix RTU solution simplifies maintenance and management of rooftop units to make life easy.  Climatix RT along with Climatix VFD are designed to monitor RTU performance and operate the unit more efficiently. Our independent testing results has demonstrated the ability to increase the integrated energy efficiency ratio (IEER) by 20% with the Climatix RTU solution package and Climatix VFD installed.


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Additional RTU retrofit savings with rebates and tax deductions

Efficiency Rebates Directory

Download this compiled directory of rebates by state for rooftop units, thermostats and variable frequency drives. Information is from​

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Qualified Improvement Property Tax Deductions

Qualified interior improvements made by the taxpayer for existing non-residential buildings may be eligible for a tax deduction of the full amount of equipment and labor costs in a single year, without limitation on the size of the project.​


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