Climatix rooftop unit

RTU performance made easy.

The Climatix RTU optimization solution is designed for Contractors to be more efficient and faster from installation to troubleshooting and basic service.
Climatix RTU Solution

Rooftop units may be out of sight but shouldn't be out of mind.

Easy to learn.  Easy to install.  Easy to program.

The Climatix RTU solution is designed to be used with minimal interface. The kit you order includes the Climatix RT controller paired with room unit sensors for demand-controlled ventilation plus sensors for temperature, humidity and differential pressure. This kit addresses the core RTU performance optimization, and you have the option to include the Climatix VFD for enhanced efficiency along with OpenAir™ damper actuators for reliable, long-lasting fresh air management. ​


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Climatix RTU At-A-Glance

Quick Start Guide

Remote Monitoring & Intel. Diagnostics Start Up


                                                 Read on to learn more about the pre-engineered Climatix RTU solution. 

Video Gallery

Watch our video playlist and see how the Climatix RTU solution simplifies maintenance and management of rooftop units to make life easy

Climatix RTU Solution Overview

Climatix RTU Optimization Made Easy for Contractors

Climatix RTU Installation

Climatix RTU Installation with Easier to Install Sensors

Climatix RTU Solution Makes Life Easy


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Climatix RT Controller

A true controller-driven solution for optimized RTU performance​


Pre-engineered with pre-defined applications optimized for RTUs.

  • Mobile app with preassigned I/O setup​
  • Pre-configured alarms​

  • Remote monitoring with customized dashboard​

  • Application-driven VFD with simple configuration​

  • Multi-use sensors for fault detection and diagnostics​

  • Onboard communication for scalability​

  • Title 24 compliant economization​

  • Integrated actuators with feedback for free cooling​

  • Enhanced indoor air quality applications​

  • Operates with Modbus RTU, BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP

Climatix Mobile App​

Configuration and monitoring made easy

Commissioning new units is fast and simple.  

The Climatix mobile app securely connects point to point with the Climatix RT controller and allows even junior techs to easily commission an entire system using the mobile app’s guided wizard. The pre-configured sequence simplifies the setup procedure and allows for saving favorite configurations for even faster implementation on additional units.


New mobile app enhancements allow end users to control temperature, scheduling and air purge when they need it without the contractor relinquishing RTU optimization. Test mode assists in check out and troubleshooting to ensure a job is commissioned properly. 

Climatix IC Remote Management​

Always keep rooftop unit performance in sight

Mitigate downtime with real-time access from anywhere.

Remotely monitor rooftop unit operating parameters to mitigate downtime. As a cloud-based solution, you can securely monitor multiple locations and equipment anytime from anywhere.  ​

Climatix IC works with the Climatix RT controller and state-of-the-art Climatix mobile app for RTU configuration, commissioning and operations. 


Trend data provides easy visualization of detailed RTU operations. The addition of temperature monitoring for freezers protects businesses that depend on keeping their goods from spoilage.

Experience Climatix IC

Click on each tab to see demos of how the key features work.

Multi-site monitoring made easy

Drill down from any location to see each RTU performance data in detail. 

Track alarms and troubleshoot

Gain insight and suggestions for potential RTU functional issues. 

Simple, real-time performance assessment​

View cooling/heating set points, indoor/outdoor temperature, current operation mode, fan speed, filter status, damper position and IAQ values.

Easy visualization of detailed RTU operations​

See all data points for quick review and for troubleshooting any additional setpoints to analyze such as return air, mixed air and supply air temperature, VFD current and low temp alarm. 

Review/assign operation modes for the day/week/month​ ​

Weekly schedules can be programmed with exceptions by day as needed.  Set modes for unoccupied, preoccupied and occupied. Set one day and easily copy to others. 

Securely upgrade applications and systems remotely​

Save configurations and application data, send upgrades and backups to controllers from the cloud. ​

Easily visualize detailed RTU operations

Trend data provides easy visualization of detailed RTU operations for better troubleshooting and system performance.

Increase efficiency with precise control

Simplified setup saves weeks in labor.

The Climatix VFD series leverages the Climatix RT controller to simplify commissioning, monitoring and troubleshooting. With the VFD sequence of operations specially programmed into the Climatix RT controller, Contractors save hundreds of hours in training and commissioning. 


Learn it in a day and be on your way to simplified service and maintenance for more rooftop units. 



  • Compact form – fits in tight spaces with 40% smaller size than other VFDs​

  • Conformal coated PCBs – durable in harsh environments to withstand dust and moisture build-up​

  • Easy commissioning with Climatix mobile app​

  • Configuration in 10 or fewer parameters for induction motors; 25 or fewer for permanent magnet motors​

  • Real-time status monitoring with pre-configured Climatix IC dashboard​

  • Easy access to boards via screwless front cover​

  • Built-in Safe Torque Off​

  • Multi-motor control for up to 4 motors​

  • Built-in PID​

  • Phase loss protection​

  • Plenum rated​

  • Certifications: UL, CE, RCM, TUV (SIL2), RoHS, REACH


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Properly sized damper actuators use outside air better to improve RTU performance.

Reliable damper performance and monitoring damper position are key to optimizing free cooling and energy efficiency.  OpenAir damper actuators are 100% factory tested for optimum performance and certified for use with the Climatix RT solution.  The compact size is over 30% smaller than comparable products for easier retrofit installation in limited space. 


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Multi-zone control made easy.

The Intelligent VAV Actuator distributes air flow from the RTU and controls temperature, humidity and CO₂ into each area, in conjunction with the zone sensor, which provides enhanced functionality. Indoor environment enhancements are optimized to make building occupants comfortable and to reduce energy consumption. The Climatix mobile app transforms the commissioning process, making it so intuitive that any level technician can take full ownership of the job.


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Air quality and efficiency enablers.

The right sensors matter for air quality to allow for optimized demand-controlled ventilation. As part of the Climatix RTU solution, air quality sensors can generate energy and cost savings exceeding 20%. These recommended sensors have been tested together with Climatix RT as a proven solution for optimized performance.


Sensors for air temperatures at every stage and airflow monitoring help ensure complete optimization of rooftop units. Installation is very easy and can be optimally adapted to the situation.


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VAV made easy

Available in 2023


Controlling air flow into multi-zone VAV environments has never been as easy with Variable Air Volume (VAV) solutions. This solution paired with the Climatix RTU merges air flow control functionalities with the monitoring of other parameters such as temperature, indoor air quality, humidity and fine dust particles. Quickly configure and commission multiple devices with the Climatix mobile app, accomplishing more with less. 


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Easy for Building Owners and Managers

Experience a better, affordable way to ensure equipment performance is optimized to improve efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality.


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Ensure healthy indoor environments​

Breathe easier.

It's important that a building’s mechanical systems are properly maintained with consideration to ventilation, airflow, and humidity, to ensure healthy and productive indoor environments. Monitoring air quality in real time and using reliable technology to ventilate buildings efficiently creates a safe environment to live and work during a pandemic and beyond. ​ Eliminate or minimize indoor air re-circulation and maximize fresh outdoor air to the extent possible.

Climatix RT manages fresh air levels based on a variety of needs.

Automatic indoor air quality maintenance​

Enhance indoor air quality via demand-controlled ventilation by monitoring carbon dioxide levels and increasing fresh air inside when it gets too high. 


Fresh air purge to boost outside air − inside​

Enable maximum fresh air intake into buildings without using mixed or return air. This application was designed in response to COVID-19 to improve ventilation and reduce air contamination and adhere to ASHRAE 62.1 guidelines. All buildings are not the same, which is why you get the flexibility to initiate a purge on your terms. ​


Title 24-compliant economization​

Climatix RT has a built-in economizer that eliminates the extra costs of a separate controller to manage fresh air intake to reduce or eliminate mechanical cooling during ideal temperature conditions. 

Case Study

Creating a safer, fun experience at Bull Valley Golf Club with the Climatix RTU Solution

Mark Stranges from Rabine Mechanical says that the Climatix RTU solution is ideal for building owners and customers who have packaged rooftop units and need better insights and control with a cloud-based solution. And for contractors: “The long-term benefit for us is the ability to expand our reach to customers nationally that we’d never been able to service before and to do so in a way that’s repeatable and scalable.” Rabine Mechanical isn’t the only business that can credit the Climatix RTU Solution with creating growth opportunities. Bull Valley grew their membership by 100% in 2020, due in part to the peace of mind afforded by the Climatix fresh air purge functionality.

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