Room Thermostats

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Thermostats provide maximum comfort and energy efficiency

The Siemens line of room thermostats offers a range of products for simple to more complex buildings designed to optimize building efficiency and energy savings. Effortless building operations is made easy with basic climate control to advanced BACnet integration into building automation systems, turning complete room control into a reality. Our thermostats are engineered for effortless installation, easy operation and reliability, which lead to fewer callbacks.

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Powerful solutions for a broad range of thermostat applications

RDB160BNU Communicating Fan Coil Unit Thermostat

New Product: Communicating Fan Coil Thermostat Improves Indoor Air Quality

Control comfort and protect against mold at a better value with Siemens fan coil thermostat. The mold protection feature improves indoor air quality and helps eliminate mold growth and damage from moisture due to a lack of air circulation.  

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