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Siemens range of communicating and non-communicating thermostats are sure to fit your application. And you’ll achieve new levels of control with the RDS120-B Smart Thermostat with BACnet IP and the original RDS120 Smart Thermostat. The Smart Thermostat is different from any other thermostat you know. Its unique features benefit both professional installers and end customers. From easy installation and fast commissioning to always being in touch with its surroundings, the Siemens Smart Thermostat creates perfect places. 

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Siemens offers a 5-year warranty on valves, actuators, damper actuators, sensors, thermostats and meters.

RDS120-B with BACnet/IP Smart Thermostat Provides Building-Level Control

This powerful Smart Thermostat with BACnet IP gives building owners and managers more control 

  • The RDS120-B can be controlled by the BMS, a breakthrough capability that allows the thermostats and related data to be automated.
  • It provides access to a wealth of data, which can be analyzed to discover energy-efficiency and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Building managers can use a series of wireless routers to control multiple RDS120-B Smart Thermostats at the same time. This building-level control is particularly useful in apartment buildings, condos, dormitories, high-rises, mixed-use retail, multi-use spaces, office buildings, senior living facilities and more. 
  • When necessary, tenants and other occupants can make room-control adjustments directly on the RDS120-B’s intuitive touchscreen display or through the mobile application.

RDS120 Smart Thermostat Understands Your Needs

Siemens original Smart Thermostat was developed to provide professional control and operation of heating and cooling applications. Its clean design fits every interior. It is always in touch with its surroundings thanks to the six powerful and accurate sensors: temperature, humidity, light, proximity, presence and organic particle detection. Because all the sensors are integral to the Smart Thermostat, there is no additional wiring or programming. These sensors allow the Smart Thermostat to be fully autonomous.

Smart Thermostats Provide Elegant Room-Level Control

Operation Is Easy With or Without the Application

The Smart Thermostat can be operated either directly on the thermostat touchscreen or with the highly-intuitive Smart Thermostat app. The app enables full control and monitoring of your Smart Thermostat from anywhere, any time with a mobile device. Key functionalities of the app include scheduling, setting “home” and “away” modes, humidity control, indoor air quality monitoring, and the Green Leaf indicator for energy-efficient operation. This makes control of the Smart Thermostat fast and easy.

Communicating Thermostat

RDY2000BN BACnet Commercial RTU Thermostat

The RDY2000BN is a BACnet MSTP-enabled, highly-flexible and versatile device supporting multi-stage conventional, RTU and heat pump applications. Multiple, configurable inputs and outputs support flexible sensing schemes and types of sensors like CO2, occupancy and output relays for economizer and humidity control. Built-in IAQ applications and humidity control ensure occupant comfort with simple configurations. Simple and intuitive Wizard Navigator makes start-up configuration a snap. Also offered with no logo (RDY2000BN/NL).

Non-Communicating Thermostats

Our comprehensive selection of non-communicating thermostats includes electronic thermostats, pneumatic thermostats, and pneumatic controllers

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