Communicating Room Thermostats

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Driving higher energy efficiency and advanced room control

The Siemens range of communicating wall-mounted thermostats with built-in temperature and humidity controls are sure to fit your application. These products offer extensive features for maximum occupant comfort and optimal building efficiency.

It’s the unique combination of benefits that makes the Siemens BACnet enabled Smart Thermostat the best companion for highest energy efficiency and optimum room comfort giving professional installers and building owners and managers more control. Its distinctive features with easy installation and fast commissioning to always being in touch with its surroundings creates a healthy and productive indoor climate without compromising comfort. 

Designed to cover an extensive range of HVAC applications this BACnet MS/TP-enabled device is highly-flexible and versatile with built-in temperature and humidity sensors with a touch screen and configurable IAQ applications. 

Designed for use in most commercial fan-coil and universal applications, Siemens communicating fan coil thermostat is compatible with almost any room automation solution via BACnet MS/TP. It is pre-programmed and pre-configured with simple settings for ease of installation and commissioning. The cost-effective device has a combination of on/off and modulating output signals, allowing it to control 16 different types of two- and four-pipe fan coil units. This versatile solution enables various control strategies including Comfort, Standby (Economy), and Mold Protection.

  • Supports up to 3H/2C conventional and 4H/2C heat pump applications
  • Easy to read, backlit, auto-dimming 3.5” color LCD touch screen
  • Intuitive remote user control using Apple iOS and Android mobile phone applications
  • Integrated with six internal sensors
  • Can be controlled by the BMS, a breakthrough capability that allows the thermostats and related data to be automated
  • Access to a wealth of data to discover energy-efficiency and cost-saving opportunities
  • Building managers can use a series of wireless routers to control multiple RDS120.B Smart Thermostats at the same time. This building-level control is particularly useful in apartment buildings, condos, dormitories, high-rises, mixed-use retail, multi-use spaces, office buildings, senior living facilities and more
  • When necessary, tenants and other occupants can make room-control adjustments directly on the RDS120.B’s intuitive touchscreen display or through the mobile application
  • Compatible with conventional and heat pump applications
  • BTL ASC Listing
  • BACnet 7-day scheduler, COV support for BMS integration
  • Support auto-baud, -address & -discovery*
  • Mass configuration*
  • Pre-built graphics*

*when using Siemens tools software

  • Easy integration into Apogee and Desigo systems via BACnet MS/TP
  • Automatic or manual heating/cooling changeover
  • Adjustable commissioning and control parameters
  • Minimum and maximum setpoint limitation

Easy and intuitive

  • Clear display
  • Mobile app allows control and monitoring from anywhere
  • Navigation Wizard make set up easy
  • Key functionalities of the app include scheduling, setting “home” and “away” modes, humidity control and indoor air quality monitoring

Built-in sensors

  • Six built-in sensors accurately detect temperature, humidity, light, proximity, presence and organic particles and another sensor adjusts the display based on ambient light

Proven green technology

  • Satisfies high energy efficiency standards
  • Green-Leaf function feature reduces even more energy costs

Easy commissioning

  • Can be installed during construction with no internet connection required
  • Automatic firmware updates help ensure that the latest features are always available
  • Supports multi-stage conventional, RTU and heat pump applications
  • Modern and slim design with configurable inputs and outputs
  • Built in IAQ and humidity control 
  • Built for small to medium size commercial and public buildings
  • 2-pipe system with electrical heater and a 4-pipe system for applications with DC control outputs and DC or 3-speed fan output
  • Three multi-functional inputs for keycard contact, external room/return air temperature, heat/cool changeover, window contact on/off, presence detector and a comfort and economy operating mode
  • Wizard settings for ease of install and commissioning 
  • RTU
  • Heat Pump
  • Ducted Split for Residential 
  • RTU
  • Heat Pump
  • Fan coil
RDB160BNU Communicating Fan Coil Unit Thermostat

New Product: Communicating Fan Coil Thermostat Improves Indoor Air Quality

Control comfort and protect against mold at a better value with Siemens fan coil thermostat. The mold protection feature improves indoor air quality and helps eliminate mold growth and damage from moisture due to a lack of air circulation.

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