Butterfly valves

Butterfly Valve

Excellent for isolation applications.

Butterfly valves have a flat round disc that rotates 90 degrees to control flow. The disc rotates into a resilient EPDM seat, lining the inside circumference of the valve body to provide close-off. Available in a variety of configurations.

Available in 2- to 20-inch sizes with Cv ranging from 38 to 22,339. Siemens butterfly valves control hot and chilled water with up to 50% glycol over a temperature range of 40° F to 250° F. Used with industrial actuators, pneumatic actuators and OpenAir™ damper actuators.

  • 2-way and 3-way configurations
  • Full-cut and undercut discs
  • Fit ANSI 125/150 flanges
  • Molded-in resilient seat provides bubble-tight shut off up to 175 psi
  • On/off, floating and modulating control signals
  • Fail-in-place industrial actuators 
  • Fail-safe operation with pneumatic and damper actuators
  • Bubble-tight shut off with zero leakage eliminates wasted energy
  • Allows isolation and removal of downstream piping while system is pressurized
  • Provides years of trouble-free service
  • Extended neck provides clearance for flanges and piping insulation

• Central plant equipment

• Cooling tower bypass

• Isolation

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