Globe valves

A complete line of globe valves for any HVAC application

Siemens offers a large selection of globe valves for any heating or cooling application using water or low-pressure steam. Our portfolio offers the highest close-off in the industry, which maintains operations to support globe valve actuator functionality in rigorous hydronic applications. All Siemens globe valves are offered with 100:1 rangeability, providing the highest level of control in the market. For wider selection, reliable shut off and precise control, choose Siemens valves.

Range from ½- to 1-inch sizes with Cv from 0.4 to 10.  These valves can be used to control hot and chilled water with up to 50% glycol and low-pressure steam <15 PSI over a temperature range of 35°F to 250°F.

Range from ½- to 6-inch sizes with Cv from 1 to 400.  These valves control hot and chilled water with up to 50% water-glycol and saturated steam up to 100 PSI and over a temperature range of 35°F to 337°F. 

These 2-way and 3-way valves range from ½- to 1¼-inch sizes with Cv from 0.9 to 16. Used to control hot or chilled water with up to 50% glycol and low-pressure steam <15 PSI with a maximum temperature of 250°F.

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  • 2-way normally open and normally closed
  • 3-way mixing
  • Brass or stainless steel trim
  • Available with a variety of NPT threaded end connection options
  • ANSI Class IV leakage - less than 0.01% of Cv at rated close-off pressure
  • Modified equal percentage flow characteristic
  • Pneumatic and electro-motoric fail-safe actuators return valves to a fail-safe position in the event of power loss
  • Choice of control signals: modulating 0-10Vdc/4-20mA or 24Vac floating 3-position actuators
  • 2-way normally open and normally closed
  • 3-way mixing
  • ANSI 250 pressure class threaded valves; ANSI 125 and 250 pressure class flanged valves
  • Equal percentage or linear flow characteristic
  • Bronze or stainless steel trim
  • High pressure close-off flanged 2-way valves have 200 PSI close-off is highest in the industry
  • ANSI Class IV leakage 0.01% of Cv at rated close-off pressures for all valves
  • High temperature packing for high pressure steam ≤100 PSI and media temperature up to 337° F
  • 2-way, 3-way mixing, changeover and sequence valves with ½-inch SAE flare connections
  • 2-way normally open angle female by union male valves in ½- to 1¼-inch
  • ANSI 250 pressure class
  • Modified equal percentage flow characteristic
  • Available with a variety of pneumatic actuator spring ranges 
  • Easy pneumatic to electronic interchange reduces installation time
  • 360° actuator swivel rotation is able to fit in tight spaces where other valves will not
  • Easy pneumatic to electronic interchange
  • Service flange allows for easy access to 3-way valve components without removing valve from line
  • Higher close-off pressure meets specifications for more applications
  • Serviceable with replaceable packing kits and rebuild kits to prolong the life of installed valves
  • Angled connections with union fittings or SAE flared end connections, which make fan coil cabinet and tubing installations easy
  • Fully serviceable for long installed life
  • Soft plug design provides an exceptional close-off due to the low force positive sealing
  • The 658 Series large diameter pneumatic diaphragm provides precise control of steam and water/glycol solutions
  • Baseboard heating
  • Fan coil units
  • Terminal boxes
  • Unit ventilators
  • VAV reheat coils
  • Air handling units
  • Central plants
  • Convectors
  • Reheat coils
  • Unit ventilators
  • Baseboard/radiant heat
  • Convectors
  • Fan coil units
  • Induction units
  • Reheat coils
  • Unit ventilators

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Largest selection

Siemens offers the largest selection of globe valves to suit any heating or cooling application using water or low-pressure steam. Globe valves are offered ranging from 1/2" to 6" sizes with multiple Cv options per size. The large portfolio allows customers to flexibly select the product that best fits their design and needs.

High close-off

With our 200 PSI high close-off offering, Siemens globe valves ensure actuator functionality in some of the most rigorous hydronic applications.

For applications up to 200 PSI differential pressure, the high close-off globe valve actuators will maintain operations to ensure the hydronic system is working properly. This in turn assures that the heating and cooling system is operating at its optimum level.

Accurate flow control

Globe valves have linear stroke design and provide 100% flow controllability. Globe valves have no dead band.

Field repairability

Siemens Flowrite valves are designed to be field repairable in the event of operational issues. Our kits feature a higher close-off rate, rangeability, and a larger selection offered in multiple sizes and configurations to allow for field repairs without intensive labor and time compared to other globe valves on the market. 

Free factory assembly and valve tagging

Valves and valve actuators are assembled and tagged for direct delivery to any jobsite, free of charge. All you do is specify each valve’s location when placing your initial order and we will tag them before shipping to save you installation time and expense. For questions call 800-516-9964 or email

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