Magnetic valves

Extremely fast and very precise control for water, steam and refrigerants.

Use an electronically controlled magnet to position the stem and metal disc plug to very quickly and precisely control flow and provide close-off.

2-way and 3-way mixing valves range from ½- to 4-inch with Cv from 0.6 to 58. They have modulating control for hot or chilled water, and steam with media temperature ranging from 34 ̊ F to 356 ̊ F.

Siemens magnetic actuated refrigeration 2-way and 3-way valves are designed for modulating control of refrigeration circuits using most commonly used safety refrigerants as well as R744 (CO2) and ammonia (MVS661 only) with a temperature range of -40° F to 250° F. Available in sizes from ½- to 1¼-inch with Cv from 0.12 to 14. 

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  • 2-way or 3-way mixing
  • 232 psi pressure rating
  • Extremely fast positioning time <2 seconds
  • Very precise control 1000:1 resolution
  • User selectable linear or equal-percentage flow characteristic
  • DIP Switch selectable input signal 0 to 10V or 4 to 20mA
  • Fail-safe
  • 2-way and 3-way
  • >1000:1 stroke resolution for precise control
  • Fast positioning time (<1 second)
  • Linear valve characteristic
  • 232 psi and 363 psi pressure class
  • Solder pipe connections
  • 24Vac/dc operating voltage
  • 100% duty cycle
  • DIP switch selectable modulating control signals (0/2-10V, 0/4-20mA)
  • Fast positioning
  • Precise control from extremely high stroke resolution
  • One valve type can be used for expansion, hot-gas bypass and suction throttle applications.
  • Perfect low load control
  • No inlet jump when opening
  • No “step loss”
  • Air handling units
  • Heat exchangers
  • Laboratory environments
  • Light industrial process control
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Semiconductor plants
  • Chillers
  • Environmental chambers
  • Expansion valves
  • Heat and recovery system
  • Hot-Gas and throttle applications
  • Modulating control of refrigeration circuits
  • Supermarket refrigeration

Features and benefits

When a building or space requires fast, precise control and zero valve down time, these Modulating Magnetic Valves deliver. Accuracy is unmatched, particularly in low-flow ranges. This means energy savings. These valves really excel in environments where climate consistency is critical.

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