Piping Packages

Half the cost, half the time, fast and easy selection

Piping packages are pre-assembled piping systems that make installation effortless by reducing several connections, which minimizes the chance for error and cuts costs, time and labor in half. Product selection is fast and easy utilizing the HVAC Integrated Tool (HIT) with filters and calculators that quickly select the right piping package for your application. ​Effortless piping installation starts here with a complete single-source solution.

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How do piping packages increase efficiencies?

A single-source solution improves productivity with ease of selection, coordination and delivery to the job site. Plus, minimal risk of leakage during installation results in less chance for project delays and fewer time spent on the job.

The valves and actuators offered within the pre-assembled piping package come in the most popular standard pipe sizes and types from 1/2“ – 2” ball, globe and pressure independent control valves that make piping packages the right solution for any project. Included in the pre-assembled package:

  • A Siemens control valve
  • Isolation valve
  • Balancing valve * 
  • Hose
  • Air vent
  • Strainer

*ball and globe valve applications only


HIT provides a simplified selection process that eliminates the need to select individual components to reduce typical pre-work time. It’s continually updated with the latest products and pricing for accurate planning and budgeting.

  • Packages include PICV, Ball and Globe valve assemblies with sizes ranging from ½” to 2”
  • Choice of 12”, 18” and 24” stainless steel hose lengths
  • Provided with NPT connections
  • Venturi insert in manual balancing valve
  • 20 mesh strainer to remove dirt
  • Isolation in supply and return coils
  • Designed and assembled according to exact customer requirements
  • Pre-assembled at the factory for easier connection to the coil
  • Leak tested after assembly
  • Tagged for easier identification at the job site
  • Vacuum shrink-wrapped, boxed and foam packaged for added protection during shipment
  • Easier selection, coordination, and delivery to jobsite​
  • Simplified installation resulting in reduced risk of project delays and less time on the job​
  • Reduced to no risk of leakage during installation​
  • Easier replacement of defective parts and retrofit applications​
  • Reduces the chance for errors in the field
  • VAV reheat
  • Fan coil units
  • Unit ventilator
  • Cabinet unit heater
  • Reheat coils
  • Air handling units
Webinar and Selection Tool ​

Learn more about how to simplify your job​

Faster and easier selection with our HVAC Integrated Tool (HIT)

  • Selection - Filters and calculators help properly size and select the right control valve and piping package combinations for your application. After selecting the control valve size, the available combinations will ensure that the control valve still has authority over the flow
  • Replacement - The replacement guide helps you quickly find current Siemens products for other brands and discontinued parts
  • Projects - Quickly create project schedules and gather submittal documents for faster bidding to help you win more business
  • Ordering - Built-in shopping cart connects to Siemens iMall for faster ordering

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On-demand Webinar: Simplify your job with Siemens Piping Packages

Say goodbye to hours of HVAC system design time, expensive labor and material costs. Say hello to Siemens pre-assembled piping packages offered in the most popular valves and sizes!


Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the benefits of piping packages and how time and costs can be cut in half compared to the traditional method
  • Understand what’s included in a piping package
  • Discover how to use the Siemens HIT for faster and easier selection

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Save with Piping Packages

The differences between Siemens piping packages and the traditional method are clear.

A pre-assembled package with fewer connections can save up to 50% of site labor*.


For contractors this reduces material costs and increases efficiencies making piping packages a reliable solution for any job.



* Time savings are estimates based on Siemens testing, actual installation times in the field may vary

* Labor Estimating Manual, 2002 Edition, Mechanical Contractors Association of America

* Based on data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics using average Chicago, IL plumber rates of $39.94, 2018


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