Pressure independent control valves

Pressure Independent Control Valve

An easier delta-T solution

Pressure independent control valves improve system performance and optimize delta-T through reliable valve control. Siemens pressure independent control valves integrate three functions into a single device and have the unique advantage of always maintaining their full stroke, regardless of the maximum adjustable flow setting. This significantly reduces or eliminates hunting for the right actuator setting, resulting in better control and increased comfort. On-site commissioning is simple thanks to the easy max flow pre-setting and automatic balancing. Every  Siemens valve and actuator is factory tested with rigorous lifecycle testing for higher reliability. The HVAC Integrated Tool (HIT) filters and calculators help you properly size and select the right control valve for your application easily. Siemens pressure independent control valves have less components, less installation effort and fewer leak points which leads to no callbacks.

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Why choose Siemens pressure independent control valves?

Siemens pressure independent control valves consist of two-way threaded valves ranging from ½- to 2-inches with maximum flow settings from 0.3 to 50 GPM and flanged valves with line sizes from 2½- to 6 inches with maximum flow settings from 19 to 860 GPM. The differential pressure operating range as low as 2.3 PSI to as high as 90 PSI. These valves control hot and chilled water with up to 50% glycol over a temperature range of 35° F to 250° F.


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Use HIT, our HVAC Integrated Tool, to find the right control valves for your projects. It’s continually updated with the latest information pricing for accurate planning and budgeting.


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  • ANSI 250 pressure class threaded valves; ANSI 125 and 250 pressure class flanged valves
  • Up to 200 PSI close-off with ANSI Class IV (≤0.01%) leakage
  • Linear flow characteristic
  • Field adjustable maximum flow presetting
  • P/T ports kit (optional accessory kit for ½- to 1¼-inch valves; standard on 1½ to 6-inch valves)
  • Full range of actuators available
  • Optimized performance for greater energy savings
  • Longer reliability due to fewer repositions
  • Smaller footprint
  • Easy installation and fast commissioning -- fewer components to install and simplified balancing for greater cost savings
  • System expansions do not require re-balancing of existing system
  • Greater controllability and precision due to the flow limiter being independent of the stroke of the valve 
  • Simplified valve sizing
  • Easy flow calculation with 3rd P/T port
  • Air handling units
  • Baseboard/radiant heat
  • Central plant
  • Convectors
  • Fan coil units
  • Unit ventilators
  • VAV reheat

Presetting Flange Valves: Using the tag and table

Flanged pressure independent control valve sizes 2.5"-6" are not preset. Refer to the tables shown below for the GPM corresponding to each presetting mark on the valve. This information is also found on the bib tag shipped with the control valve (see photo to the right). The tables below are also located in the Technical Instructions (data sheet) for pressure independent control valve two-way Cast Iron Flanged Bodies ANSI 125 and 250.


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Pressure independent control valves smaller than 2.5” are preset in the factory.


The ½” to 2” threaded pressure independent control valves have a presetting scale that is in -GPM, making it easy to know how to adjust them in the field.

Reduce energy HVAC consumption

Reduce HVAC energy consumption with Siemens Pressure Independent Control Valves

Buildings that use hydronic heating and cooling can minimize HVAC energy consumption by over 30% by optimizing hydronic flow using pressure independent control valves. In our latest blog post, you can learn how Peachtree Center in Atlanta incorporated pressure independent control valves into their hydronic system to reduce energy usage that improved control of chilled water to the point of being able to eliminate the need for an extra pump and cooling tower.

Piping Packages NOW available for purchase.

Choose Siemens piping packages to reduce costs and time with fast and easy selection using the HVAC Integrated Tool (HIT). HIT has filters and calculators that quickly select the right piping package for your application.


Half the cost, half the time, fast and easy selection.


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A smaller footprint matters.

No matter how complicated your pipe network, Siemens pressure independent control valves are the right fit. No extra piping is required when installing any size of Siemens pressure independent control valves.  No extra pipe means reduced material costs and fewer leak points. 

An easier ΔT solution 3-in-1 control valve

The Siemens pressure independent control valve is a three-in-one device. The main difference with Siemens compared to other competitors is that the field adjustable flow limiter is independent of the valve stroke. So, by reducing the flow, the valve stroke is reduced. Since the Siemens pressure independent control valve is independent of the valve stroke, full controllability, regardless of the maximum flow setting of the pressure independent control valve is obtainable.

Higher reliability

Every  Siemens valve and actuator is tested right from the factory line to assure longer performance. Siemens goes above and beyond with rigorous lifecycle testing of up to 100K full strokes and up to 1 million repositions for higher reliability.

A simplified pressure independent control valve portfolio

Siemens flanged pressure independent control valves simplify the portfolio and feature a third P/T port allowing differential pressure measurements to ensure proper operation through the valve.


For easy balancing, commissioning, and troubleshooting problems in the field, choose Siemens.

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Take a closer look at our pressure independent control valves

Cutaway graphic of Siemens PIC valve

An easier delta-T solution

Siemens pressure independent control valves have the unique advantage of always maintaining their full stroke, regardless of the maximum adjustable flow setting, to provide better control. This significantly reduces or eliminates hunting for the right actuator setting, resulting in better control and increased comfort. 

What’s the difference between control valves and pressure independent control valves?

Ensure flow changes only when and where you want it to change with pressure independent control valves. Designed for a wide range of applications and equipment for ideal performance.

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Independent control valves control accuracy for energy efficient comfort.

Independent Control Valves combine the function of a control valve, adjustable flow limiter and automatic pressure regulator into a single device. It prevents over- or under-supply of heating or cooling energy – improving efficiency and reducing energy costs. With Siemens pressure independent control valve experience the advantages of full stroke performance for better flow accuracy regardless of pressure fluctuation are unmatched by electronic solutions.

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Building graphic illustrating balanced control

With Hydronic Flow Optimization, your design goals become a reality.

Discover total system performance solutions to optimize delta-T through precise control. Make your building operations more efficient and bring balance to your bottom line.

Pay for it now? Or pay for it later? The true costs of a balanced system utilizing Siemens pressure independent control valves

The right devices in a hydronic system can lead to greater energy efficiency and significant savings in first costs and lifecycle costs, with no sacrifice in comfort.

Free factory assembly and valve tagging

Valves and valve actuators are assembled and tagged for direct delivery to any jobsite, free of charge. All you do is specify each valve’s location when placing your initial order and we will tag them before shipping to save you installation time and expense.


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Siemens pressure independent control valves reduce Peachtree Center’s energy usage by 13.8%

Commercial office buildings require a vast amount of energy and water to heat and cool the indoor environment. Peachtree Center was no exception, and the hot, humid Atlanta summers made the challenge even more daunting. Siemens presented Peachtree Center with an innovative and cost-effective solution using pressure independent control valves.


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