BT300 Variable Frequency Drives


The right device for managing energy consumption while optimizing comfort.

Easy-to-use and highly reliable BT300 variable frequency drives reduce the cost of installation and maintenance while maximizing energy savings. The drive keypad features built-in wizards that get HVAC equipment up and running quickly and accurately. Anyone can safely and quickly commission the BT300 using default parameters that are optimized for typical HVAC applications.

Why variable frequency drives matter

Learn how variable frequency drives save energy and reduce the power bills faced by building owners. Because a VFD allows electric motors to operate at slower speeds when appropriate, the overall power that these motors consume is lowered.


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Save 20-50% on energy costs and gain reliable control of HVAC equipment

Simplify the maintenance of motors pumps and fans


The maintenance of motors, pumps and fans is simplified with VFD components that are designed to last. The drive’s diagnostic alert function informs staff if a belt is broken or a pump is empty or jammed, reducing the time it takes to diagnose and fix a problem. An always available and easy to understand built-in manual highlights possible causes and remedies.

Fully integrated with today’s open protocols, including APOGEE and BACnet

No need to buy option cards, all protocols are provided standard with all BT300 drives. Easy network integration means the BT300 VFDs are ready to communicate with Building Management Systems, embedded RS485 and Ethernet HVAC protocols.

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Select the right VFD for your application with HIT

  • Selection –  Filters and calculators help you properly size and select the right products for your application
  • Replacement – The replacement guide helps you quickly find current Siemens products for other brands and discontinued parts
  • Projects –  Quickly create project schedules and gather submittal documents for faster bidding to help you win more business
  • Ordering –  Built-in shopping cart connects to Siemens iMall for faster ordering

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