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Creating smart airports with true connectivity

With the number of air travelers rapidly increasing, the challenges facing the aviation market are escalating and competition is fierce. Smart airports provide a seamless experience for airport operators, airlines, and passengers – delivering greater competitive advantage. Leverage our global expertise and local presence to meet your future airport needs, with our comprehensive portfolio for integrated terminal operation, sustainability, logistics, security, power, and safety. Learn more via this page – or contact our experts.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

The historic BIL provides billions of dollars to modernize America's infrastructure, including Airports, by improving energy efficiency, resiliency, and electrification.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) provides billions of dollars to modernize America's infrastructure by improving energy efficiency, resiliency, and electrification. Even though the funding allocation will not start until 2022, at Siemens, we’re ready to help you hit the ground running today. We have teams in place that can help you define a roadmap and determine the best solutions to meet your energy savings and resiliency goals.


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Come back to traveling with confidence

Siemens is committed to supporting American aviation during these challenging times. We’re harnessing our capabilities, expertise, and global network of partners to outfit and supply airports and airlines with technologies that reduce the risk of infection and improve overall air quality. Our holistic approach includes smart technologies, solutions and services that create environments for travel and aviation logistics to continue safely and efficiently.


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Infection Control in Aviation Environments


Driving the eMobility transition at Airports

Electric vehicles are gaining market share all over the world. Deploying smart charging technology at your airport can not only help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption, but it also demonstrates to employees and passengers your leadership in adopting technology that meets their needs of today and tomorrow. Whether electrifying your bus fleet or looking to integrate chargers in your parking lots and garages, Siemens is helping customers easily deploy, manage, and reduce their overall cost of ownership of EV charging systems while helping reduce energy consumption. Click below to learn more about our innovative EV charging infrastructure solutions.


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Siemens is proud to partner with Sourcewell and their Cooperative Purchasing Contracts.

This agreement allows local government entities to purchase solutions, equipment, and services through a pre-negotiated contract vehicle, saving time and eliminating the RFP process. And with allocated federal funding now available, this vehicle can accelerate the process.  

Create an airport that truly connects with travelers

With the number of air travelers rapidly increasing, the challenges facing the aviation market are escalating and competition is fierce. Smart airports provide a seamless experience for airport operators, airlines and passengers – delivering greater competitive advantage. Leverage our global expertise and local presence to meet your future airport needs, with our comprehensive portfolio for integrated terminal operation, sustainability, logistics, security, power and safety. Discover how the power of data with digitalization is shaping smart airports.
The power to connect

Turning airports into destinations

With the number of air travelers expected to double to 7.8 billion by 2036, the challenges facing the aviation market are escalating and the competition is becoming fierce. At Siemens, we help you take advantage of digitalization to create an airport that works better and smarter and offers a passenger experience that rivals the best facilities in the world.


By unlocking the true potential of your airport we can increase the comfort, efficiency, resilience and safety for operators, airlines, and passengers alike. For operators, we deliver the connections that make airports work smarter. From building systems to wayfinding to baggage handling and flight and weather data, we bring together intelligence and actionable insights for a rich user experience and new levels of efficiency, safety, and security.

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What makes Siemens different

At Siemens we enhance airport performance through data to make them perfect places to connect. Through intelligent infrastructure and the power of data, we create airports that offer world-class experiences — for operators, airlines, and passengers alike.

Traveling with confidence, ease and enjoyment

When selecting an airport, passengers have more choices than ever and higher expectations, too. They demand shorter waiting times; a comfortable, safe and secure environment; and a place that’s simple to navigate, where they can find their gates, baggage and amenities with ease.


Our solutions connect travelers with airlines, retail, and their surroundings to deliver a more sophisticated passenger experience.

  • Indoor Positioning Systems — use geo-location to provide passengers with route information and distances to help them get where they need to be, stress free
  • Baggage Performance Dashboard — provides better, faster data to improve decision-making and reduce wait times and congestion
  • Mobile Applications — bespoke applications with best-in-class design give passengers greater transparency into airport data so they can use their time more efficiently and increase their spending in retail areas

Optimize your processes, from end to end

Basic “lights on” operations can account for 55% of an airport’s costs. Our intelligent infrastructure and data-driven solutions can improve the efficiency of your operations so your time and capital can be invested where they matter most. We make the connections that make airports work better and smarter.

Our solutions integrate systems and collect and analyze data to provide operators with actionable insights that improve how they do business leading to:

  • Optimized connecting times
  • Maximum uptime of building systems
  • Greater reliability of baggage handling systems
  • Increased transparency across the board
  • Compliance to international standards

Additional services from Siemens, including Asset Performance Services and Condition Monitoring ensure the continuous reliability of all systems, extend asset life and reduce operating expenditures.

Holistic safety and security for people and assets

Siemens helps you maximize the safety of passengers and staff while improving overall operations and creating a world-class passenger experience. We do this by combining over 100 years of experience in fire and life safety with the latest security and digital technologies and services to create safe and secure spaces.

  • Cybersecurity — Cybersecurity safeguards the integrity of your data, reputation and business continuity.
  • Services — Digitally enhanced services and applications ensure round the clock safety of passengers.
  • Asset Tracking — Intelligent solutions such as Mobile Baggage Vision and Baggage Transfer Booster, enable the tracking of baggage across the entire value chain.

Attractive, revenue-generating environments for tenants

Up to 40% of airport revenue is generated by non-aviation sources. Leveraging an intelligent infrastructure and data-driven insights not only improves your competitiveness it also creates an attractive environment for retailers and other businesses.


Smart, mobile applications leverage indoor positioning to highlight retail and other businesses for travelers while making your airport more navigable and enjoyable. And,as a world-class leader in building technologies, Siemens provides systems and services that create safe, comfortable and energy-efficient environments that are more desirable and less costly to operate.

The ultimate asset for airlines

You can help airlines provide a passenger experience that enhances their customer service, brand, and therefore, their success. Whether an airline occupies one gate or a whole terminal, it counts on you to create a sophisticated and smart environment for their customers. The smart use of digitalization transforms your facility into an airport of choice, creating a competitive edge for the airlines that call it home.

  • Leverage internal and external sources of data, like baggage info, flight status and even weather reports, to help passengers meet schedules and make connections
  • Utilize indoor positioning and facility data to enable wayfinding apps that guide travelers to where they need to be, easily and intuitively
  • Integrate building systems with air traffic data and flight information to ensure an ideal environment: one that is safe, secure and comfortable, when passengers arrive at their gates
  • Employ asset tracking systems utilizing real-time data to create efficient and reliable baggage handling that can boost reputations while controlling costs per enplanement
  • Become more energy efficient by employing data analytics and lighting and HVAC strategies that lower consumption and costs.

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Make your airport a destination

In a connected world, passengers and the people who serve them expect more at every stage of a trip. Contact our Aviation team today to learn more about how Siemens can turn your airport into an in-demand destination for travelers and businesses alike.