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Tomorrow's technology is not far away, campuses can start their journey today


What makes a campus smart?

Our Campus of the Future infographic takes a look at the strategies and technologies being used by colleges and universities to transform their campuses into the best environments for teaching and learning.
Focus on Energy

The genius of microgrids in higher education

More campuses across the country are taking an interest in microgrids, self-sufficient energy systems designed to serve a single, specific location. These systems offer colleges and universities a way to keep critical electricity flowing during power outages, increase use of renewable energy, pursue climate goals, and better optimize energy supplies and campus loads— offering savings potential to free up funds for other priorities. They are also being used as an educational and sustainability awareness tool.


Read the latest special report from Microgrid Knowledge, “The Genius of Microgrids in Higher Education.” It provides an introduction to microgrids and how they work and highlights some microgrids in use on campuses today.

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Defining the future of microgrids at the Siemens "living lab" campus in Princeton, New Jersey

Located in Princeton, New Jersey, the Siemens “Living Lab” Microgrid Campus conducts groundbreaking research in the realm of microgrids, and how various energy-related generation, storage and building management products behave and work together in a dynamic real-life microgrid environment.


The microgrid campus employs an array of value-add elements as part of its research, including:

  • Dual purpose photovoltaic panels
  • Energy storage for powering a building
  • Building management integration
  • Energy analytics dashboards
  • Electric vehicle integration
  • Integration of third-party technologies

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On-site energy solutions create sustainable and resilient campuses

Microgrids are just one of the ways Siemens helps colleges and universities implement on-site energy solutions on campus. Our on-site energy solutions help protect your power supply while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cutting overall energy costs – savings that help preserve capital for your institution’s core mission. We bring expertise local energy generation, distribution, storage, and management to help campuses take control of their power supply.


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Tomorrow's technology is not far away, campuses can start their journey today.

Our new Campus of the Future report shows how colleges and universities can leverage technology to boost their reputations, attract students, and better prepare graduates for a digital tomorrow. Our report examines what is possible, today and in the future, for campus energy, buildings, mobility, and safety and security, keeping in mind the realities of limited budgets and resources.