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Siemens Empower Program helps nurture curiosity and explore possibilities

Although we can't truly know what tomorrow's careers will look like, we do know that the possibilities are endless.

It’s incumbent upon all of us to create environments that empower today’s learners to become tomorrow’s leaders. Siemens is answering this call and working with our strategic customers to nurture the curiosity, collaboration, and creativity that will be required for the jobs and responsibilities of the future. And the bottom line is this: learning—no matter how or where it happens—is vital to our futures.


Siemens Empower Program expands our partnerships and our ability to support value-added programming in the areas of sustainability, STEAM, student success, workforce development, energy efficiency, and community engagement. Through Empower, we enable the ideation and implementation of initiatives that are central to the core mission of each customer. Our purpose is to share resources and expertise with our strategic customers in ways that turn ambitions into real accomplishments.

How do we nurture curiosity, collaboration and creativity that will be required for the jobs of tomorrow?

Sharing our love for 21st Century skills

Empowering innovations for tomorrow

STEAM programs help today’s learners advance their critical thinking, collaboration skills and creativity through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Design, and Mathematics—all areas that will be vitally important to our world in the years to come. That’s why Siemens supports our customers and partners with the Empower Program, which features challenges for both STEAM, as well as energy and sustainability topics. With the Empower Program, we work with you to inspire the next generation of leaders to think big, explore the world, and learn to solve problems individually and collaboratively.

This is what success looks like

Through Siemens Empower, we’ve partnered with organizations across the country creating customized programs that help turn ideas and ambitions into reality. Here are a few of their stories.

South Valley Junior High School

South Valley Junior High was ready for a new approach to student learning opportunities. With a student-centered, inquiry-based approach, the FUSE program was a perfect fit. And so, Siemens awarded the school a $26,000 grant to implement the FUSE program, which included the FUSE software program, as well as a 3D printer. Today, the inspired program is engaging students and encouraging tomorrow’s leaders.


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The FUSE Lab looks so different from a traditional classroom. It’s busy and loud; it can be a bit much, honestly, but when you look closely at what’s happening, every single student is busy solving problems and talking about what they are learning.
Alexis Mason, Teacher and FUSE Facilitator South Valley Junior High School, Gilbert AZ

Durham College

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions while investing in the future


At Durham College, Siemens is empowering student success with a new living laboratory for their onsite geothermal field, which is projected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 64%.


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Madonna University

Empowering sustainability education programs for a new student experience


Madonna University earned a grant from Siemens to help establish a sustainability minor and certificate program, which will add value to students’ degrees and long-term success.


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Pine Grove Middle School

The relationship between the educators at Pine Grove Middle School and Siemens isn’t simply that of customer and supplier. Siemens partnered with East Syracuse Minoa Central School District to transform the curriculum to help students develop their STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts and Math) knowledge, as well as problem-solving and presentation skills and abilities.

The world has changed, and education needed to change, too. We changed how the students learn. We changed what they learn. That meant changing where they learn.
Adrienne Turbeville, Content Literacy Support Teacher; Pine Grove Middle School, East Syracuse NY

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