This building changes futures.

Building technology from Siemens makes Pine Grove Middle School in East Syracuse, New York, a perfect place to create the new learning environment that new minds need.

Siemens and Pine Grove Middle School are creating the perfect place for new minds.

Teaching in a changed world demands a changed teaching environment.

A perfect place to prepare students

Pine Grove Middle School: This building changes futures

Pine Grove Middle School is one of seven schools in East Syracuse Minoa Central School District (ESM) in New York, educating 3,750 students every year. With a realization that the world has undergone dramatic changes - not least in the world of employment, and the skills required - the educators at Pine Grove made a decision that education needed to change.

Pine Grove Middle School Storybook

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The world has changed, and education needed to change, too. We changed how the students learn. We changed what they learn. That meant changing where they learn.
Adrienne Turbeville, Content Literacy Support Teacher at Pine Grove Middle School
A new teaching environment for a new world

The right conditions make learning possible

Upstate New York is known for its temperature extremes with sweltering summers and nine-foot snowdrifts in the winter. To ensure that students are comfortable and focused, temperature control is an important element. And as a state-funded educational institution, energy efficiency  is just as important to the school. Because the $500,000 saved on energy every year can be invested directly into improving the educational environment.

New teaching methods require new technology

Since East Syracuse Minoa School District (ESM) is a learning organization, enhancing its overall educational environment for the students is a key concern for the district. By partnering with Siemens to make energy-efficient facility improvements ESM has been able to not only save money, but realize their vision by implementing a new teaching and learning model.

ESM developed an integrated learning approach teaching subjects collaboratively to help students develop their STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts and Math) knowledge, as well as problem-solving and presentation skills and abilities. Siemens partnered with ESM to transform the curriculum, from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, to develop true transdisciplinary projects through consultative support and hosting symposiums.

One partner, many objectives

In 2008, ESM was looking for a business and technology partner who could help them enhance energy efficiency in all of its eight buildings with a solution that would also contribute to the overall learning process for ESM students and staff.


In addition to reducing energy costs, ESM also wanted to fund building and energy efficiency improvements through energy savings, improve energy conservation and provide energy awareness and education for the students, faculty, and staff. In addition, the district wanted to create community awareness for its energy and environmentally responsible programs and demonstrate the use of alternative energy technologies. Siemens retrofitted the lighting throughout the district, and implemented premium efficiency motors as well as variable frequency drive pumps and fans. New windows and doors and a district-wide energy management system as well as new boiler plants in four buildings help ESM to save as much electricity in a month as 6.2 average American homes consume in a whole year. In addition, Siemens installed a 25 kW solar power system to further demonstrate ESM’s sustainability efforts.

Teaching and partnership have one thing in common. You only make an impact if you commit long term.

The relationship between the educators at Pine Grove and Siemens isn’t simply that of customer and supplier. And the scope of the work didn’t end with the installation of the last piece of technology. Siemens is a true partner to Pine Grove and works with the administration, educators and community for the entire district. Listening. Advising. Exploring. In areas that impact not just the building, but the students and teachers, too. Because just as a child isn’t educated overnight, there’s something else that needs to be long term, too. Partnership.