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Siemens Engineering Hot Topics Webinar Series

Join Fire Safety Experts on our 30-minute Webinar Series.
Webinar Series

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Early Detection and Suppression for Lithium-ion Batteries

Learn about the fire hazards that lithium-ion battery energy storage facilities present and the most effective detection and suppression solutions.

December 13, 2022

UL 268: Separating Fact from Fiction in Detection

Industry experts will provide a review of the new UL268 7th edition regulation, what it means, when it goes into effect, and the increased safety benefits that it brings.  

How to Specify Built-In Isolation

Learn how isolation provides system flexibility, System survivability,  system cost reduction, and less disruptive service.

Propriety Fire Alarm Systems: What does it all mean?

As you specify new projects its important to understand the propriety nature of fire systems. Learn about Siemens unique and valuable way to deliver fire safety systems; from unparalleled choice in the design and installation phase, to servicing, migrations and upgrades.

DAS and Emergency Communication

Industry experts will guide you through how to be compliant with the regulations set by the NFPA and IFC to generate a more reliable and efficient communication system for emergency responders and those affected by a crisis.

What’s going on in the Cloud?

As we become a digitalized world, learn how cloud and remote accessibility can be integrated into projects for your customers to take advantage of while ensuring a secure connection to your fire protection system.

Migration - cost effectively extend the life of your fire safety system

Are you engineering a retrofit project with an older UL fire safety system? Experts will guide you through the migration process of fire safety system.

Lithium- Ion battery storage protection

Learn about fire and life safety systems and codes in the lithium- Ion battery storage facilities from industry experts.

Discover the basics of fire detection

Industry experts will take you through the basics of fire detection codes compliance and products.

Understanding the Value and Application of Smoke Control

Learn where and how smoke control can increase safety in buildings.

Accessing Fire Systems Remotely and Securely

Remote access to fire systems via cloud and apps is increasingly being adopted by service providers and facility managers. Learn about the value being realized and how this is implemented securely.

Resiliency and Survivability in Fire Systems Using Class X

Why should Class X be specified? Review the increased reliability and survivability when fire systems are implemented with Class X.

Efficient and Safe Management and Monitoring of Campus Fire Systems

Campuses require systems to be networked, managed centrally and remotely monitored. Learn the options to ensure a campus is optimized and leveraging the latest technology.