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Creating Environments for Success

Siemens helps Federal Agencies Meet Smart Infrastructure Goals
Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

The historic BIL provides billions of dollars to modernize America's infrastructure, including Federal facilities, by improving energy efficiency, resiliency, and electrification.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) provides billions of dollars to modernize America's infrastructure by improving energy efficiency, resiliency, and electrification. Even though the funding allocation will not start until 2022, at Siemens, we’re ready to help you hit the ground running today. We have teams in place that can help you define a roadmap and determine the best solutions to meet your energy savings and resiliency goals.


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Siemens Smart Installation of the Future

Supporting Your Mission Long into the Future

You never know what tomorrow may bring. When your existing infrastructure is smarter and better prepared for the future, you can provide our military forces the support they need to deter war and protect our nation’s security.


Siemens helps Federal agencies across the country make their facilities smarter, more resilient, and more responsive. Smart infrastructure solutions enhance the way we live and work by intelligently connecting energy systems, buildings, and the people who occupy them. Smart solutions capture and exchange data among automation control and multiple building systems in ways that help you meet your energy reduction, sustainability, and resiliency goals.


We call it the Smart Installation of the Future.

Continue with Confidence

Siemens is committed to supporting Federal agencies during these challenging times. We’re harnessing our capabilities, expertise, and global network of partners to outfit and supply Federal facilities of all types with technologies that reduce the risk of infection, improve overall air quality, and enable you to continue achieving your mission with confidence. Our holistic approach includes smart technologies, solutions, and services that create environments that are safe, healthy, and clean.


Be prepared for tomorrow

Your existing facilities can become smarter and better prepared to support your mission long into the future.

You never know what tomorrow brings. But when you work with Siemens, you’ll know your infrastructure will be ready. Siemens helps federal agencies across the country make their facilities smarter and more responsive. Smart infrastructure solutions enhance the way we live and work by intelligently connecting energy systems, buildings, and the people who occupy them. Our solutions capture and exchange data among automation control and multiple building systems to significantly improve efficiency and sustainability.


With access to our field offices across the country, you can take advantage of local expertise and resources to meet your energy reduction, sustainability and resiliency goals. At the same time, you can leverage our national and global resources to support your project’s success across the country and the world.


Driving the eMobility transition at Federal Facilities

The world of transportation continues to rapidly evolve, which is why Siemens is committed to providing the complete solution for Federal Government customers to help them succeed in their eMobility® journey. We are shaping the market with innovative charging technology solutions, powering the infrastructure across various sectors, as well as planning and implementing secure grid connections to enable the growth of electrifying transportation.


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Simplify your process

Siemens streamlines your project from procurement to completion, allowing you to focus less on procedure and more on results.

As you know, every project comes with numerous requirements and compliance mandates. As a long-term federal supplier, we make it easy for you to do business with us by:

  • Streamlining your project: As Federal Government experts, we can streamline your project from procurement to completion
  • Simplifying contract approval: We are approved for numerous contract vehicles and are a top-tier provider for many
  • Meeting Buy American requirements: All of our projects are Buy-America compliant
  • Meeting small business mandates: We help ensure you meet small business mandates by working with small businesses as either a prime contractor or sub-contractor.
Create Energy Excellence

NAS Whiting Field benefits from a Utility Energy Service Contract (UESC)

Naval Air Station (NAS) Whiting Field is one of the Navy’s primary pilot training bases. Its facilities sprawl across 12,000 acres and two airfields, as well as 13 outlying fields that stretch from Florida to Alabama.


Challenge: As a result of 2015 Executive Order 13693, NAS Whiting Field needs to reduce energy intensity 25% by 2025 relative to a 2015 baseline. It also needs to reduce water intensity 36% by 2025 relative to a 2007 baseline.


Solution: NAS Whiting Field turned to the Utility Energy Service Contract (UESC) with Gulf Power Company, their local electric utility, and Siemens.


Result: The combination of projects under the UESC, including the virtual chiller plant, was recognized in 2018 by the Department of Energy as a Federal Energy and Management Program (FEMP) award winner.

As a whole, we are on target to achieve all of our anticipated energy reductions, and have saved $600,000 on the entire project. That’s really incredible. 
Jason Poe, NAS Whiting Field Installation Energy Manager
Achieve your goals

Siemens offers a complete portfolio of products and services to meet diverse facility and energy management needs.

You have goals and benchmarks to meet. We help you meet them. Siemens Smart Infrastructure offers the most comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio of products and solutions from a single source anywhere in the world. When you work with Siemens, you have access to global experts backed by leading technology and services in building automation, fire safety, security, energy and sustainability, and command and control systems. Siemens leading-edge solutions include:

  • Navigator can read more than 2,100 equipment level points for FDD analytics and includes vibration monitoring and chilled water system performance tracking.
  • Demand Flow® chilled water optimization helps facilities achieve energy efficiencies as low as 0,33 kilowatts per ton (kW/ton)
  • The InterMesh® intelligent monitoring network from Siemens leverages mesh radio technology and hardened, alarm monitoring panels to create a private, self-healing network that delivers alarm signals faster and more reliably. Learn more below.

We also have cybersecurity certifications with many agencies, including DoD RMF-accreditation, and will ensure ongoing compliance.

InterMesh brochure image
Improve Emergency Response with Faster Alarm Signals

Take full advantage of mesh radio technology to increase response and readiness.

Increase the security of your people and property with our InterMesh™ wireless alarm reporting system. Using advanced mesh radio network technology, InterMesh delivers faster and more reliable alarm signals than traditional alarm reporting systems. It eliminates single point of failure and requires only one frequency for bidirectional communication. It interfaces with most fire alarm control panels and eliminates information “chokepoints” by not relying on radio or cellular towers. 

Bring experience to the table

Put our long history of success with numerous Federal Agencies to work for you.

As an experienced, long-term partner of the Federal Government, we ensure projects are delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner to the satisfaction of the end-user agency. Our success stories include:
Supporting Our Veterans

Siemens commitment to America’s veterans is resolute. We salute them for a job well done by helping them find good jobs.

Siemens is committed to supporting our nation’s veterans as they return to the civilian workforce. We actively hire and train U.S. military veterans to join the 2,500 veterans already part of Team Siemens. In fact, the company committed to hire an additional 300 veterans annually over the next several years. Siemens also offers a job training initiative focused on digital skills for U.S. military veterans with an engineering and manufacturing background as part of a nationwide effort to assist veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce. To date, approximately 500 veterans have elected to use this resource since 2013.


Following is a short list of additional Siemens initiatives for veterans.

  • We’ve expanded the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Veterans Initiative, a productivity program that trains and develops the skills of veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces in STEM-related careers. The program supports both active duty and transitioning veterans with up to $17,000 in PLM Software training at 22 facilities across the United States.
  • To help veterans transition to civilian life, we offer mentoring through the Siemens Veterans Network, the first national employee resource group at Siemens that counts more than 300 employees as members.
  • To help veterans find Siemens, we became an early adopter of the Google Cloud Talent Solution on our jobs website. The solution enables job-seeking veterans to easily map their skills to our open positions by searching for open roles by military job code.
Siemens has been Recognized as a Top Veteran-Friendly Companies.

Siemens has been Recognized as a Top Veteran-Friendly Companies.

Click below to view the complete list.


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Procurement Ready

Streamline your project from the start with an approved partner.

Siemens is approved for numerous contract vehicles and is a top-tier provider for many.
Meet Your Small Business Contracting Requirements

Siemens commitment to working with small and diverse businesses helps meet your contracting goals.

Siemens removes the complication from contracting small and diverse-owned businesses and can help you meet both your technical and diverse contracting goals. We provide confidence. Through our relationships with trusted small businesses across the country, you have entre to some of the best small and diverse companies available. And we offer flexibility. We are prepared to act as either a prime contractor or sub-contractor. We also support engineering and contracting firms in a specialty contractor role and offer expert design, installation, and service for individual systems as well as Total Building Solutions via integration.


As a multicultural organization, Siemens promotes diversity at all levels. Our goal is to maximize opportunities for businesses owned by minorities, women, the disadvantaged, the disabled, veterans, and other diverse suppliers.


Following is a list of Siemens codes:

  • NAICS: 334512, 423610
  • SIC: 38220100, 50630500
  • DUNS: 010944650
  • CAGE: 1HLQ3
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Experience the peace of mind and ease that comes from working with Siemens.

Siemens complete portfolio of smart infrastructure solutions and services meets the diverse needs of the entire federal market. Our offerings, coupled with our numerous contract vehicles and history of working with the Federal Government, make Siemens the smart and easy choice for your next project.