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The laboratory as a critical asset for patient treatment 
Smart healthcare

White paper: Smart hospitals

While digitalization has positively impacted the growth of patient engagement in healthcare, how can innovations in building technologies further improve the patient experience?


An environment that guarantees reliable results

The laboratory is a central feature of patient care. About 70 percent of patient treatment decisions made in hospitals are based on laboratory results. That’s why it’s important that physicians and nursing staff are able to rely on timely and accurate laboratory results to improve the quality of patient outcomes. Extra costs due to misdiagnosis can and must be avoided.   Not only is the number of examinations growing, so is the demand for fast, high-quality analysis – which in turn increases the cost and time pressures on laboratories. Energy performance and high system quality are core prerequisites, because laboratories consume a great deal of energy to operate many devices, including refrigerators.   Integrated security solutions are needed to protect costly high-tech equipment from theft and ensure the safety of staff and the outside world from viruses and cross-contamination among other hazards.

Complying with regulations and guidelines

To arrive at reliable results quickly and efficiently, the room itself must offer optimal conditions. At the same time, strict guidelines and regulations must be followed to protect personnel and the environment and to make operations as cost-effective as possible. This requires that the heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems to be optimally customized to the specific needs of the room and the facility.

Certified validation solutions are crucial for laboratories so that they can comply with regulations and provide complete documentation at all times about the environmental conditions in which tests, bloods samples and other analyses have been stored. With the Desigo CC management platform, we provide you with certified validation functionality integrated in a single building management system. Your laboratory staff benefits from an accurate overview of all the processes in the room, allowing them to work quickly, safely and compliantly with maximum efficiency. 

Green Lab Solution

Meeting the highest standards

The Green Lab Solution offers you complete, consistent building automation with functions specific to laboratory operation. It improves the room’s security, safety and comfort while optimizing its cost-efficiency. Precise airflow control that maintains the right air pressure in fume hoods and the room overall is key. Whether fume hoods are opened or someone opens a door, the pressure difference should always be maintained. Our Green Lab Solution maintains the right pressure difference in an extremely energy-efficient way.

Intelligent fire safety systems ensure optimal protection and minimize the risk of costly false alarms by distinguishing deceptive phenomena. And because secure operations begin at the laboratory entrance, the access control system ensures that only authorized personnel can access the room and the sensitive substances it contains, optimally protecting personnel and materials at all times. The individual components of our solution work together to achieve their full potential and significantly boost the efficiency of your laboratories, both today and into the future. Thanks to our digital services, you have a complete overview of all laboratory data at all times. The result: transparency and analyses that transform your laboratory into a perfect place.