Safe, secure, and comfortable

The perfect patient room for optimal healing and care.
Smart healthcare

White paper: Smart hospitals

While digitalization has positively impacted the growth of patient engagement in healthcare, how can innovations in building technologies further improve the patient experience?


A room for optimal healing and care

Creating a truly excellent patient room is challenging. A wide variety of requirements have to be considered and combined in one coherent and comprehensive solution.

Patient Rooms: Finding the balance between a perfect healing environment and an efficient workplace

A hospital room needs to offer different patients an environment where they can all feel good and recover quickly, while also providing staff with an optimal work environment that enables the best possible care. A patient room also needs to provide the best possible protection from infection for both patients and staff. And don’t forget other critical priorities: fire safety, security and flexibility. Hospital managers and designers know that the greatest challenge in creating the perfect patient room is meeting all these requirements – while also keeping costs and energy consumption to a minimum.

Comfort and functionality

Comfort and contact with the outside world support the healing process.

Studies show that the patient’s environment significantly contributes to better and faster healing. Temperature, lighting and ventilation are key. Total Room Automation provides integrated HVAC control for an optimal room climate.

Comfort and contact

New lighting technologies can contribute to the healing process. Circadian lighting follows the patient's natural rhythm, increases their comfort, and may shorten their recovery. Giving patients full control over their room settings is one of the top five measures for improving patient satisfaction. Desigo Room Automation gives patients full room control over lighting, blinds and temperature from their own tablet, smartphone or bedside terminal to create a comfortable environment that’s set precisely to their preferences. This solution doesn’t just improve the patient’s satisfaction; it also saves staff precious time when they don’t have to change room settings for patients.

Optimal conditions for efficient and convenient care

In addition to a comfortable environment for patients, patient rooms also need to provide optimal work conditions for hospital staff. Predefined lighting settings can be provided to create optimized illumination during medical procedures to improve staff comfort and minimize the chance of medical errors. Hospital staff can adapt the temperature to the needs of individual patients and override default settings on request. With Desigo Room Automation, employees can also set and later select predefined scenarios as needed for different therapeutic requirements. 

Excellent care while safe, flexible and sustainable

Keeping vulnerable patients safe is just as important as keeping them comfortable. Because hospitals are open 24/7, they need comprehensive, customized security concepts. Whether it’s aggressive patient behavior, patient falls, fire safety, infection, or other threats that jeopardize the safety of patients and staff: All the necessary safeguards are contained in our solutions.


It’s essential to have high-quality systems that provide a flexible and reliable infrastructure for your hospital. Space utilization in healthcare facilities often changes due to staff expansion or to improve workflow and collaboration with other departments. Therefore it’s important to have a flexible infrastructure that can accommodate these changes in a cost-efficient way. Desigo Room Automation provides this flexibility and is less expensive during the installation phase.


Patient rooms must also master the challenge of meeting requirements of both patients and staff while optimizing costs – especially energy costs, because hospitals consume 2.5 times more energy than other commercial buildings.


Performance and Advisory Services make building utilization data maximally transparent, which enables energy-efficient, sustainable operations and guarantees maximum availability of the installed systems. All without compromising the comfort of patients or the efficiency of staff.