Building Technologies

Description:  Siemens is committed to supporting healthcare institutions during these challenging times. We’re harnessing our capabilities, expertise, and global network of partners to outfit and supply hospitals and other healthcare facilities with technologies that reduce the risk of infection, improve overall air quality, and instill confidence. Our holistic approach includes smart technologies, solutions, and services that help frontline workers continue to deliver care in safe and healthy facilities.

Description:  As our lives become closer and more connected, we face new challenges: How do we keep our employees, assets, and business safe? How can we ensure compliance? How do we safeguard our investments? At Siemens, we deliver integrated security solutions designed around your business. With a smarter approach, we take what’s most important to you and transform your buildings into safer environments.

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Description:  Enlighted, A Siemens Company, is the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company that delivers the leading technology platform for smart buildings. With our game-changing sensor technology and scalable network to real-time data collection and high-value applications, we are redefining what a smart building can be by providing contact tracing, monitoring occupancy, and reconfiguring spaces.

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Description:  Leverage and integrate existing infrastructure for improved safety, security, and control with Siemens Desigo Mass Notification. The result is a centralized, customizable solution that can integrate and streamline multiple disciplines ‒ from fire safety and security to building automation.

  • Reach a mass audience with timely, life-saving information
  • Target zones, buildings, groups, or individuals with customized information based on their location or role
  • Integrate with existing systems to optimize prior and future system investments
  • Streamline and simplify the alert process
  • Use a layered, multi-mode approach to reach people, wherever they are
  • Adapt to your needs and grow with technological advancements

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Description:  The pillow speaker is at the center of the patient room experience, giving patients access to their care team and entertainment. Now you can give your patients direct control over their comfort and environment—putting control over lights, shades, and temperature right at their fingertips in a device they’re already used to using!  Not only can this help your organization increase HCAHPS and the patient experience, it also alleviates some of the burden from clinical staff.


How it works

The pillow speaker and room controllers integrate with Desigo® CC for either a single control point or using Total Room Automation. Integrations are ideal for:

  • New construction
  • Patient room renovations
  • Nurse call system upgrades
  • New nurse call system implementations


Approved Pillow Speaker brands

  • Curbell Medical
  • Anacom Medtek