Siemens/Russelectric Smart Healthcare Solutions that Support the Healing Process

Digital hospital

Siemens/Russelectric is creating a new generation of smart healthcare facilities that are more connected, efficient, and intelligent while maintaining safer, healthier, and cleaner environments. Check out our extensive portfolio of solutions, including building technologies, power, electrical services, and distributed energy solutions for Healthcare Facilities below. 

Description:  Siemens is committed to supporting healthcare institutions during these challenging times. We’re harnessing our capabilities, expertise, and global network of partners to outfit and supply hospitals and other healthcare facilities with technologies that reduce the risk of infection, improve overall air quality, and instill confidence. Our holistic approach includes smart technologies, solutions, and services that help frontline workers continue to deliver care in safe and healthy facilities.

Description:  Pressurized rooms – also known as isolation rooms – are used to protect immuno-compromised patients from germs and bacteria, as well as to protect the outside world from infectious diseases. In both cases, the patient is isolated from the outside world and must stay in the protected room 24 hours a day. This has a huge impact on their freedom and quality of life, which means that the comfort, safety, and security of the room are even more important.

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Description:  Full-spectrum UV lighting technology provides hospitals, nursing homes, and support facilities with a proven, easy-to-implement way to safely and efficiently harness the power of light to decontaminate air and surfaces. With a variety of products offered, we can provide you with mobile and installed solutions to meet your disinfection needs.

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Description:  This innovative, ozone-free approach to cleaner indoor air provides reliable, long-term protection for patients, visitors, and healthcare staff from surface and airborne pathogens. This needlepoint bipolar ionization solution transforms a building’s infrastructure into a front line of defense. Equipment is easily installed in HVAC systems to flood the air with hundreds of millions of positive and negative ions that attack pathogens, mold, and other airborne/surface contaminants.

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Description:  Our Automation Services for Healthcare Accreditation is designed specifically to address the unique challenges of the most important areas of your hospital. Our trained service professionals provide ongoing testing and inspection of your critical environments and deliver reporting that helps meet the demands of both internal stakeholders and key regulatory bodies. The result is a consistent environment that ensures strong indoor air quality, greater patient care, and strict regulatory compliance, as well as reduced energy costs through maintained efficiency.

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Description:  The Healthcare Fire accreditation process can be complex and time-consuming without the right preparation. Siemens simplifies this process for hospitals with its Healthcare Accreditation service offering. The program provides all the information you need in an organized, easy-to-understand format, ensuring you stay prepared for your Joint Commission surveys.

Description:  Siemens Smart Air Quality Program provides a holistic approach to mitigate contaminant risk. For best result, issues need to be addressed and variables that impact the indoor environment need to be monitored and managed. These variables include contaminates, ventilation, maintenance effectiveness, and precise building control parameters, including temperature, humidity, and building differential pressure. With the support of our knowledgeable professionals, the latest technology, and smart processes, we can provide a customized service program that helps you achieve your goals.

Description:  Demand Flow is an HVAC optimization solution that reduces energy costs and ensures ongoing operational efficiency with healthy financial returns and long-term value. Whether our Demand Flow for chilled water (CHW) or our variable air volume (VAV) system optimization product, this patented solution delivers immediate results through our automated technology and built-in analytics that alleviate constraints on our customers’ internal resources & extend equipment life.

Description:   Maintaining your building’s operations has never been more challenging or more critical. But improved operations, enhanced productivity, reduced operating costs, and greater adaptability…they’re all possible. Today’s top-performing facilities are taking a different approach. They’re using an intelligent maintenance program that leverages the power of digital technology, helping make better-informed decisions. They’re moving from a reactive approach to maintenance toward one that includes predictive maintenance.

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Description:  As our lives become closer and more connected, we face new challenges: How do we keep our employees, assets, and business safe? How can we ensure compliance? How do we safeguard our investments? At Siemens, we deliver integrated security solutions designed around your business. With a smarter approach, we take what’s most important to you and transform your buildings into safer environments.

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Description:  Enlighted, A Siemens Company, is the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company that delivers the leading technology platform for smart buildings. With our game-changing sensor technology and scalable network to real-time data collection and high-value applications, we are redefining what a smart building can be by providing contact tracing, monitoring occupancy, and reconfiguring spaces.

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Description:  Leverage and integrate existing infrastructure for improved safety, security, and control with Siemens Desigo Mass Notification. The result is a centralized, customizable solution that can integrate and streamline multiple disciplines ‒ from fire safety and security to building automation.

  • Reach a mass audience with timely, life-saving information
  • Target zones, buildings, groups, or individuals with customized information based on their location or role
  • Integrate with existing systems to optimize prior and future system investments
  • Streamline and simplify the alert process
  • Use a layered, multi-mode approach to reach people, wherever they are
  • Adapt to your needs and grow with technological advancements

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Description:  To help patients heal faster, to provide better care, and to increase efficiencies – all while reducing costs and providing a safe, secure environment – we must understand how our critical environments are operating at any given time. With this information, we can calibrate our spaces appropriately to help ensure performance and comfort. This is true whether you’re talking about an operating room, pharmacy, laboratories, or isolation rooms. Siemens now offers performance reporting to help you optimize your critical environments.

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Description:  The pillow speaker is at the center of the patient room experience, giving patients access to their care team and entertainment. Now you can give your patients direct control over their comfort and environment—putting control over lights, shades, and temperature right at their fingertips in a device they’re already used to using!  Not only can this help your organization increase HCAHPS and the patient experience, it also alleviates some of the burden from clinical staff.


How it works

The pillow speaker and room controllers integrate with Desigo® CC for either a single control point or using Total Room Automation. Integrations are ideal for:

  • New construction
  • Patient room renovations
  • Nurse call system upgrades
  • New nurse call system implementations


Approved Pillow Speaker brands

  • Curbell Medical
  • Anacom Medtek

Description: Siemens low-voltage switchgear is designed, tested, and constructed to provide superior power distribution, power monitoring, and control. Utilized in a range of applications like industrial, institutional, critical power, and commercial, the switchgear solution is created for your world-class operations.

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Description: Siemens switchboards cover the entire spectrum of customer applications. Every aspect of Siemens switchboard design has been aimed at improving layout convenience, reducing installation costs, and minimizing the impact and cost of system changes. Regardless of your application or requirements, one of Siemens switchboard products will meet your needs.

Description: Smart technology for your electrical apparatus product line: Intelligent devices (circuit breakers, relays, meters, etc.) have existed for more than 30 years. These devices are self-monitoring, configurable, and communicating, but individually they are only islands of intelligence. Historically integrated remote monitoring, configuration, and control have only been available with the inclusion of upstream PMCS, PCS, DCS, or SCADA systems. With the advent of Siemens Sma@rtGear™ technology, remote monitoring, configuration, and control are standard features that are integral to the electrical apparatus product.

Includes: Paralleling SwitchGear, Automatic Transfer Switches, Bypass/Isolation Switches, Custom SCADA, Switchgear Training Simulators

Description: Russelectric, a Siemens Business, manufactures high-integrity, on-site power control systems to help ensure 100% uptime without disruptions or aberrations. We deliver highly engineered solutions to hospitals and other mission-critical facilities, with full capabilities to customize systems to user needs and requirements, such as space restrictions and integration into existing equipment.

We provide comprehensive project support, including: Engineering Design Assistance, Manufacturing Flexibility, Unparalleled Field Service, and Industry-Leading Warranties.

Our single-source approach includes design, build, and integration and is supported by 24/7 factory-trained field service through the system’s lifecycle: start-up and commissioning, warranty, preventive maintenance, and upgrades.

At Russelectric, we recognize that when a power control system is offline, you’re exposed to the very risks that the system was supposed to protect you from.  Russelectric is committed to keeping its customers up and running with dependable, clean power. To help ensure 100% uptime of their critical facilities, many leading Fortune 1000 companies, such as data centers, banks, communications networks, internet service providers, airports, hospitals, overnight shipping companies, and oil and gas producers/refiners rely on Russelectric high-integrity power control systems and products.

We will never compromise on quality and will always go out of our way to provide exactly what our customers want. Russelectric has the highest ratio of engineers to total employees of any manufacturer of power control and protection equipment. The design and manufacture of every Russelectric system is supervised by an experienced engineer who serves as a team leader, managing and shepherding the project through engineering, assembly, testing, installation, and start-up. This unwavering focus on quality assures the customer of unmatched system reliability and superior engineering and technical support.

Russelectric systems are UL listed:

  • Systems operating at 600 V or less are listed under either UL 1558 or UL 891
  • Systems operating at more than 600 V and less than 15 kV are listed by UL under applicable ANSI / IEEE standards for Medium Voltage Power Circuit Breaker Switchgear
  • All systems are designed and built in accordance with applicable ANSI, IEEE and NEMA standards
  • IEC listings available

Description: Keeping your facility and its operations performing at their best requires your electrical systems infrastructure to deliver reliably and efficiently. The costs of downtime are great, in terms of both lost productivity and equipment replacement, as are the costs of operating inefficient or unsafe systems. At Siemens, we’re experts at optimizing facility performance and properly servicing electrical systems that are critical to your success. We offer a complete portfolio of electrical services, including preventive maintenance, emergency services, technical support, equipment reconditioning, retrofits, and upgrades. Our goal is to ensure the maximum reliability, uptime, performance, and safety of your electrical systems infrastructure.


Electrical Services: Covering the Entire Product Lifecyle

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Description: Siemens offers experienced power systems specialists to help optimize your systems for a total power solution. Backed by a national network of over 100 field offices across the country, our professional engineers and certified technicians will help you maximize system reliability and availability; improve safety; optimize performance; improve power quality; extend equipment lifecycles; reduce operation, maintenance, and repair costs; and much more.


Power Systems Engineering Flyer

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Description:  Rely on Siemens to provide thorough Arc Flash Hazard Studies, comprehensive safety training, and related services designed to enhance the safety of your personnel and improve the reliability of your operations while satisfying OSHA requirements. Our experienced power system engineers are highly trained in NFPA and IEEE guidelines, providing systematic and accurate Arc Flash Hazard studies so you can meet your employee safety and compliance requirements.

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Description:  Arc Flash Mitigation Solutions offer a proactive approach to preventing arc flash hazards, ensuring a safe workplace and protecting your equipment investment. The threats posed by arc flash hazards are serious and costly. Personnel, critical equipment, and business continuity are all at risk when electrical hazards are not addressed properly, and regulatory bodies have taken notice with more stringent guidelines and stricter enforcement. Taking a proactive approach to mitigating arc flash dangers has become more important than ever.

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Description: Low- and medium-voltage replacement circuit breakers provide a cost-effective way to upgrade your existing equipment to the most current technologies while increasing equipment reliability and minimizing downtime. Retrofit solutions offer improved employee safety, increased system and operation performance, and requires minimal changeover time for the upgrade as compared to replacing with all new gear.


LV Circuit Breaker Retrofit Flyer

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Description:  If there’s any industry with critical infrastructure that simply cannot suffer a power outage, it’s healthcare. Hospitals must have a reliable back-up power source in the event of a blackout or power-related emergency to protect the health and safety of their patients. Beyond the immediate impact that a power blackout can have on patients, there is a financial aspect as well. For every cancelled surgery, hospitals can lose $150 per minute of revenue, or $9,000 an hour. A power outage can result in millions of dollars in lost revenue from cancelled services, legal liability, and damaged reputations.

However, as the demand and the critical importance for stable, cost-effective energy continues to grow, the traditional power grid is becoming less reliable.

In response, forward-looking healthcare institutions are taking matters into their own hands – building their own distributed energy systems (DES). Using Siemens technology, hospitals and other healthcare facilities around the world are able to generate electricity and heat through gas-fired CHP systems, and to create local power generation units called microgrids that combine power generation with power storage and efficient power distribution.

Early adopters of this approach are seeing operational cost reductions of between 8% and 28% and a return on investment of between 3-7 years. These gains are the result of the ability to avoid costly disruptions triggered by sudden power loss, more efficient management of energy consumption, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.