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Converging IT and OT for a smart building foundation

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In today’s buildings, more devices than ever are capable of being connected and either generating or processing data, and therefore seamless communication has never been more important. To learn more contact us.

IT/OT and the convergence of data

Whereas yesterday’s building systems stayed well within the domain of building engineers, today’s systems blur the lines between facilities and IT departments, requiring teams to break down the silos that once existed between IT and OT as these networks continue to converge. Siemens recently conducted a customer research survey among IT professionals, and what we found was significant: 64% of respondents view the convergence of these systems and data as “very important” because they believe it will help to ensure successful projects as well as uncovering capacities, efficiencies, and even limitations of systems and solutions.


In other words, with more and more systems running through IT infrastructure, communication systems, and storage, IT leaders play an ever-increasing and ever-important role in the decisions about smart building technologies.


A holistic approach

Cybersecurity is a rapidly changing battlefield that requires awareness, continuous vigilance, and a consolidated response from everyone involved. Superior technology, information advantages, and the right allies are important keys to success.

Building occupants expect smart buildings and the same conveniences that they experience in their personal lives.

Do you know what’s behind this shift? We do. Digitalization.

Building occupants expect smart buildings and the same conveniences that they experience in their personal lives. The transition toward smart buildings promises great rewards for the people who visit, live in, work in, and own them. Careful, coordinated efforts between IT and OT is essential to creating the right foundation to deliver on the promises of smart buildings.

Most Important Drivers for Investment in Intelligent Building Technologies

Until recently I wasn’t involved at all (with facility purchasing decisions), but that is certainly starting to change. My facility people no longer just see me as a barrier or silo but see an advantage to talking to me earlier. I’ve seen these silos both here and in previous roles as well. For instance, our new fire system requires new fiber and we (IT) just did another project where we used the same fiber.  So, we saved nearly $50,000 dollars by working together.
Feedback from recent Siemens customer survey

The trend for smart buildings isn’t going away anytime soon.

A new perspective for IT/OT partnerships and the value of a technology partner

You don't have to go it alone regarding building technology.

Careful, coordination of efforts between facility management and IT personnel and staff is essential to creating the right foundation to deliver on the promises of smart buildings. These efforts go far beyond the selection of individual technologies and instead require redefining the approach to building design, planning and construction.


Involving both IT and OT teams as well as a technology partner (specifically, one who understands the need for integrated IT and OT systems and how to overcome the challenges of integration during construction) very early in the project development process. This approach will help create the long-term vision and to ensure the right technologies are in place to enable those objectives.


According to Siemens’ customer research, 92% of IT professionals agreed that implementing collaboration strategies for facility managers and IT members is “very important” when it comes to making purchasing decisions; it requires a cohesive technology partnership approach to effectively integrate and implement all the new technologies that take the smart building from vision to reality.


When you select Siemens as your technology partner, pre-project collaboration may deliver:

  • Optimized design, enabling IT and OT to operate seamlessly and with reduced complexity
  • Logical data flow design for IT and OT, ensuring multi-department functional alignment
  • OT device enterprise visibility, management, and security
  • Risk mitigation through predictive commissioning, device monitoring, fault detection and diagnostics, and cybersecurity solutions
  • Performance assurance through pre-validated, lab-tested, and industry-certified platform(s)
  • Ecosystem of best-in-class information technology and cybersecurity partners
  • Data analytics to optimize performance at the device, site, and enterprise level
  • Business continuity, system uptime, and multidimensional compliance that result from end-to-end coordination and collaboration

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