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Smart infrastructure for life science from Siemens
Smart for the new normal

Smart Infrastructure Summit & Expo

Join us for this complimentary series of one-of-a-kind, live online events. Hear from industry leaders and Siemens experts as they describe the new normal in smart infrastructure and explain the technologies and innovations leading the way.

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Smart Infrastructure Summit & Expo - Smart Fire & Life Safety
Smart Fire & Life Safety

October 1st
Focus on why protection matters to lives, property and business continuity. Learn how fire safety is going digital, what NFPA codes to watch, and why “smarter” means “safer.”

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Smart Infrastructure Summit & Expo - Smart Buildings and IoT
Smart Buildings & IoT

November 10-11th

Smart, connected buildings capture data, generate insights, optimize performance and contribute to your organization’s goals and deliver the ideal occupant experience. Learn how technology and the IoT can help meet the vision for your building. 

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Smart Infrastructure Summit & Expo - Smart Security
Smart Security

January 26th
How can you operate smarter while protecting our people, assets and businesses safe? Today’s challenges can be addressed by smart services to support you today and into the future.

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Intelligent and agile spaces for critical work

The critical environments in which research, development and storage are carried out have to meet some unique requirements. These can make the difference between success and failure. We help ensure that the environments our life science customers use – from laboratories, pharmacies, and critical storage spaces to campuses and buildings – are as safe, secure, efficient, compliant, and flexible as possible. More than that, we work to ensure these environments are intelligent, agile spaces that support the people who use them by interacting, learning, and adapting.

Continue with confidence in safe, secure, healthy, and efficient critical environments

Siemens is committed to supporting life science and critical environments as they continue their important work during a global pandemic. But the question remains – how can we create environments that are as safe, secure, healthy, and efficient as possible?


Our newest smart infrastructure program is built with this in mind, and is designed to help protect your people, assets, and environment so you can Continue with Confidence.


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Ozone-Free, Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Solution


Infection Control in Life Science Environments

Environments for a changing world

We make rooms and buildings safe and comfortable for the people who use them. From preventing unauthorized access and minimizing risks from fire and hazardous materials to sharing information and helping meet regulatory requirements, we create environments that support the life science industry.

SpecWriter for Critical Environments

Are you responsible for developing laboratory ventilation specifications that are not only competitive, but also safe, efficient and compliant?


Siemens’ SpecWriter Online is the tool for you.


Specifically designed to assist with the creation and design of laboratory systems and environments, it will help you properly configure laboratory ventilation and control systems.


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